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    Capitalism: Let's check how poor are IT giants
    • Apple transferred 85 billions US dollars to owners in last 12 months (71.4 billions via buyback and 14 billion as dividends).

      More than total state expenses of Romania, Iran, Egypt per year.

      In last 5 years owners got 275 billions from Apple vast profits and it is expected that they have another 200-300 billions hidden in offshore companies accounts.

      In last year:

      • Cisco owners got 27.1 billions - 21.1 via buyback and 6 via dividends.
      • Oracle owners got 31.8 billions - 28.8 via buyback and 3 via dividends.
      • Qualcomm owners got 26.1 billions - 22.6 via buyback and 3.5 via dividends.
      • Microsoft owners got 29.5 billions - 16.3 via buyback and 13.2 via dividends.
      • Google put 9.7 billions into buyback.
      • Facebook did same for 12,9 billions.
      • Broadcom set new record at 10,3 billions.
      • Intel paid owners 16 billions.
      • Texas Instruments paid 6.1 billions.

      Total is 256 billions only for this ten companies above.

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    LG can't do folding phone for now, same as Sony and HTC
    • During the Consumer Electronics Show in January, LG introduced a rollable TV. This is an advanced technology one step ahead of foldable technology. We have reviewed releasing the foldable smartphone when launching 5G smartphone but decided not to produce it.

      The market demand for smartphones is expected to be at around 1 million but LG’s main issue in smartphone business is to regain its market position. Considering this situation, it is too early for LG to launch a foldable smartphone. In terms of technology, we are fully ready to respond depending on consumers’ reactions (to foldable smartphones).

      Industry rumors are opposite, LG can't yet make proper foldable screens for retail market, despite making folding TV in very small volumes.

      LG, Sony and HTC can all quit smartphone market during 2019, and in case of Sony we will see significant consequences to camera department. As undisclosed source told that Sony actually used smartphone department with its big losses to hide many expenses of camera department and keep it looking much better than it was in 2018. Due to lot of common tasks in software and hardware development it is very possible.

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    Earth Hour 2 aka environmental strike
    • Children as young as five are due to be among the thousands of pupils walking out of their lessons as part of a climate change protest.

      Primary school children, as well as teenagers and university students, are being encouraged to take part in a mass “strike” on Friday over the "lack of government action" on the environment.

      More than 40 protest events are said to have been planned in towns and cities as part of the UK’s first Youth Strike 4 Climate. It comes as similar protests have happened around the world.

      Something tells me that if someone explain this young guys that real "action" means it can end bad. Nothing changed much since Ozone Hoax days, same school guys went on marches not understanding a dime of that is going on.

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    Why ruling class so loves copyright and patents?
    • Systems like copyright and patents long time ago had been useful tools for society. At the time you did not require paid media to tell anyone how useful they are. And certainly did not use some big institutions to find bad guys who want to break them.

      But as time goes and means of production develop, society changes accordingly, and this tools became annoying hitch on the way of progress. But part of ruling class depend on this tools for their existence, their eradication will wipe out this parasites and it will also make position of all ruling class much less stable. And suddenly you have real monsters living on tax payers money who act directly against interest of almost all tax payers.

      Free information sharing not only adds huge boost to science and overall education, but it also free hordes of people who just retell you same thing, but cheaper and in worse version as you don't have money or also time to access best source of information.

      Ruling class even started to openly rip and destroy culture, punish people who collect and cherish old music, films, books. As they are preventing pushing and selling newly made subpar stuff.

      In the years to come all the ruling class elements doing this and prostitute media who assist them will be eradicated, and the longer they will try to resist - the more painful and radical for them this process will be.

    4 comments 5 comments Vitaliy_KiselevFebruary 15Last reply - February 17 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Panic in Apple
    • Talked to one developer inside Apple.

      Smartphone division since start of February is in total panic mode (not ala Olympus. it is light years behind). Developers fear Apple can be excluded from foldable phone niche. Despite all secrecy due to big number of necessary OS changes developers know very well progress with folding smartphone hardware.

      Samsung rejected providing any significant volume of folding screens to Apple until late 2020.

      Same thing is even more true with BOE, company who makes foldable screens for Xiaomi and all other Chinese brands.

      Rumors multiple like firestorm among iOS related developers as Apple can do first significant round of surgical cuts around April or May.
      Cut will follow next round of iPhones price cuts that can reach 30% on few markets, even 50%, if you account trade in that can be extended for cheap third party Android phones also. This is also tightly related with MacOS team being slowly transferred and taking much higher role among core iOS teams.

      April-May timing had been selected due to more clear understanding of China-US trade war progress, during this period it can be clear if Apple will be completely and officially thrown out from internal Chinese market, for now it is all being done using media propaganda (sales of Apple and Samsung are expected to drop around 80-90% this year in China).

      Industry rumors tell that Samsung S10 and present Apple iPhones will be discounted as much as 60% in December and first months of 2020 as all industry will start migration to folding phones leaving non-folding models only for entry level devices.

    10 comments 11 comments Vitaliy_KiselevFebruary 14Last reply - February 17 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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