Tripods and fluid heads Fri, 23 Feb 18 13:08:23 -0700 Tripods and fluid heads en-CA Sevenoak SK T1 Durable Mini Tripod Review Mon, 12 Feb 2018 05:08:10 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18987@/talks/discussions

Velbon Chair, err Chairpod HY 127 Fri, 19 Jan 2018 13:08:55 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18820@/talks/discussions image


  • 128cm extended height, so you will always have bigger dick compared to competition!
  • Support people only up to 80kg, with bigger guys it cracks with loud sound
  • $180 cost
JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Sun, 31 Dec 2017 03:42:02 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18615@/talks/discussions image

Cost around $99

PhotoPlus 2017: Vanguard Alta Pro 2 Plus and Veo 2 Tripods Mon, 04 Dec 2017 06:37:28 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18385@/talks/discussions

Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Fluid Head Thu, 30 Nov 2017 14:56:43 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18358@/talks/discussions image

Available for preorder $599 in US at



  • Ground-breaking nitrogen technology guarantess continuous counterbalance system for independent content creators
  • Secures loads from 4 to 12 Kg, ensuring variable fluidity pan and tilt movements
  • Distinctive new design reflects pioneering innovation

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, presents the new Nitrotech N12 Fluid Video Head. This ground-breaking piece of equipment combines Manfrotto’s highly successful Professional Video Head features with the latest generation, unique-to-market Nitrogen piston mechanism. The new N12 Fluid Video Head guarantees continuous counterbalance and is the perfect solution for today’s trend in increasingly smaller camera body sizes, with a variety of accessories attached.

This pioneering model from Manfrotto is designed to provide independent content creators with optimum counterbalanced weight capacity as they work with the latest cameras and accessories - in and outside the studio.

Manfrotto’s Nitrotech N12 Video Head securely supports loads from 4kg to 12kg and features a unique Nitrogen Piston Mechanism that guarantees precise, continuous counterbalance system and a Variable Fluid Drag System. The Variable Fluid Drag System provides flawless performance on both pan and tilt axes for the smoothest possible footage. Counterbalance is easily adjusted using the ergonomic knob.

The Nitrotech N12 also features Manfrotto’s unique 3/8” anti-rotation Easy Link connector to attach a wide array of accessories. Its longer Side Lock sliding plate enables the camera to click in from above for fast and precise set-up and it is equipped with a metric ruler and back-lit levelling bubble for easy use. The head’s 75mm Flat Base fits a range of supports including sliders and jibs, for a wide variety of applications.

The Nitrotech N12 Fluid Video Head is extremely lightweight for a head of its kind. This new model sets a unique standard of engineering innovation and aesthetics combined with the unprecedented power to reliably counterbalance a wide array of camera weights and equipment configurations, giving independent content creators the greatest degree of creative freedom and peace of mind available on the market. The Nitrotech N12 completes Manfrotto’s Nitrotech range and video offering.

The Nitrotech N12 is available at £599.95. Kits start at £1099.95. For more information, please visit

Sirui Monopods for Video Shooter, Like P-204S Tue, 31 Oct 2017 19:54:38 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 18099@/talks/discussions

Nissin LS-50C extra light lighstand Sun, 30 Jul 2017 22:44:43 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17431@/talks/discussions image

  • 48.5 cm collapsed length
  • up to 195 cm extended
  • 575 g total weight
  • 1.5kg load


Sachtler Flowtech 75 - revolution or fake? Tue, 05 Sep 2017 07:13:54 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17679@/talks/discussions image

Vinten corporation want you to believe what they invented something new, they are not.
Look at lot of blogger around who have no idea on how stiffness is calculated.


Vanguard Alta Pro 263AP Sun, 15 Oct 2017 08:48:25 -0600 TonyTekInsights 17994@/talks/discussions

Monopod with sigle lock advice Sat, 14 Oct 2017 02:10:04 -0600 Grimor 17984@/talks/discussions Hi. I'm looking for a monopod with just one lock system on the top. I say, just one lock for all sections for really quick release/block. Neumatic monopod or something like that. Does it exist?

Vinten to make revolutionary tripod Sat, 19 Aug 2017 20:18:47 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17571@/talks/discussions Together with other their brand - Sachtler.

According to our sources tripod will have revolutionary unprecedented three legs and...
actually all will be as in any other tripod, but price will be double to underline true revolution in tripod industry.


Manfrotto 360 VR Gear Sat, 12 Aug 2017 11:42:48 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17509@/talks/discussions image

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, is excited to introduce the brand new 360o Virtual Reality range and to be the first player to bring unique, dedicated products designed to support professionals and enthusiasts shaping the future of photography and videography.

Manfrotto’s new 360° Virtual Reality offering includes bases, accessories and extension booms that make it easier and more fun to create amazing 360-degree videos and photos.

With this new range, Manfrotto is facilitating the transition that is taking immersive content creation into the mainstream: from niche professional to widespread consumer application. Leveraging Manfrotto’s innovative offering, photographers and videographers can effortlessly capture entire scenes around their camera, enabling anyone viewing the content to look around and feel like they are experiencing the scenery in real life.

Manfrotto’s new 360° Virtual Reality Range provides a wide choice of combinations for individual content makers to select according to their specific needs and objectives.

Manfrotto VR bases provide reliably stable support and are compact enough not to show in 360° shots. They guarantee the stability photographers and videographers need to get a few meters off the ground and are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit individual creative requirements.

Manfrotto’s VR accessories range makes flawless 360° shooting quicker and easier. These innovative accessories are compatible with all products in the range for the best results every time.

Manfrotto’s VR boom extensions maximize camera height when required. They can be connected to all the bases in the Manfrotto VR range, enabling users to achieve a wide variety of heights for the most breath-taking content.

The Manfrotto 360° VR range features a convenient selection of kits designed to make 360°content creation incredibly easy and intuitive. They are compatible with the most popular 360° cameras and are the smartest choice for anyone who wants to start creating high-quality immersive content easily, right away.

The Manfrotto 360° VR range starts from RRP £29.95 to £634.95

For more information, please visit


Benro Aero 7 Tripod Tue, 13 Jun 2017 06:09:24 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 17136@/talks/discussions

A Compact Travel Video Tripod for On-The-Go Filmmakers

Expanding on the success of their Aero Family of travel-friendly video tripods, Benro is pleased to announce the new Aero 7, a compact and portable video tripod capable of supporting up to 15 lbs (7 kg). The first manufacturer in the world to introduce a travel video tripod with a reverse folding leg design, Benro’s Aero 7 is a clear evolution from its other Aero siblings. In addition to its standard ability to reverse fold to a smaller, more compact size and transform into a video monopod, the inclusion of the removable flat base S7 video head and the new 2-in-1 center column makes the Aero 7 a great traveling companion for filmmakers and videographers needing a fully featured tripod for their medium-sized rigs.

A new center-column

In addition to the standard leveling adapter, the 2-in-1 center column also converts to a short column for low angle shots. This provides more versatility for filmmakers and videographers who are looking to get more out of their tripods when either on location or when they are unable to bring other gear with them.

A tripod and monopod combination

For even more versatility, one of the Aero 7’s legs can be unthreaded and joined with the tripod’s center column to become a fully functioning video monopod. Combined with the Aero 7’s fully featured S7 Video Head, this truly makes for a powerful combination.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Reverse folding design
    The legs reverse fold creating a compact travel friendly tripod.
  • Removable Flat Base Head
    The video head can be removed and used on other flat surfaces such as certain sliders, jibs, half ball adapters and more.
  • 4-Step Counterbalance
    The S7 head has 4 stages of counterbalance (0-3) which helps to properly balance the camera rig.


The suggested retail price of the Aero 7 is $399 for the Aluminum version and $599 for Carbon Fiber.

About Benro: Benro continuously strives to develop lighter and stronger award-winning products to meet the needs of the most demanding professional photographers and filmmakers. By gathering input from photographers and filmmakers worldwide, Benro has been able to engineer products designed for use by working professionals. Benro products are exclusively distributed by MAC Group in the USA. For more information visit:

Travel Tripods for Video Tue, 07 Mar 2017 11:37:06 -0700 IS2 16555@/talks/discussions I currently have the Benro S8 head on Manfrotto 055XPROB legs and it's very cumbersome travelling around on my own.

For this reason I'd like to look into getting a smaller travel tripod for my video shoots. The only one I can really find that seems decent is the Benro Aero 4, but it's quite pricey.

Does anyone else know any other alternatives?

Travel tripod/monopod with Fluid Head Tue, 21 Jan 2014 22:36:20 -0700 MaulKentor 9417@/talks/discussions I'm looking to use a Manfrotto 502HD head or something similar on a mefoto travel tripod (benro). I want it to be lightweight for traveling but sturdy enough to use a BMPCC or a GH3 on it and still get smooth tilts and pans for narrative and documentary filmmaking. Will this combination work and/or does anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks


Sirui P-204S monopod Fri, 07 Apr 2017 17:03:41 -0600 MikeLinn 16710@/talks/discussions

$159 at

Tripod Maintenance Tue, 14 Mar 2017 20:16:58 -0600 MikeLinn 16595@/talks/discussions

iFootage Cobra 2 monopods Tue, 28 Feb 2017 20:27:01 -0700 MikeLinn 16519@/talks/discussions

Levelling Video Head Wed, 27 Aug 2014 07:04:20 -0600 IS2 11136@/talks/discussions Hey everyone,

This is very much a noob post so I'd greatly appreciate any help!

Basically I've bought my first proper tripod (manfrotto 055xprob) and video head (Benro S8), but I think I've overlooked something pretty major.

I've got the flat mount tripod/head and so basically I'm just realising now that I can't quickly level the head, as I did with a setup I was previously using (which I think had a bowl mount).

Is there any way of quickly levelling my head with the flat mount stuff now I've bought it or have I shot myself in the foot?

If there isn't anything I can do to adapt the flat mount head to level quickly (I doubt there's an adapter or anything) then do you have any tips on how to level the whole setup in a shoot with more speed?

I feel very silly after doing so much research and overlooking such a simple thing.

The Joby Gorillapod Focus Review Fri, 21 Oct 2016 13:12:50 -0600 chauncy 15917@/talks/discussions I'm back. And I'm grumpier than ever.

Review: A tale of two benro tripods Wed, 09 Nov 2016 04:39:45 -0700 chauncy 16015@/talks/discussions Are you experienced?

The Kevin Conder Product Review Experience presents: A tale of two tripods:

Leofoto LN-404C Carbon Fiber Tripod Sun, 07 Aug 2016 02:30:04 -0600 MikeLinn 15484@/talks/discussions

Cheap tripods with fluid heads Wed, 23 Oct 2013 13:33:30 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 8526@/talks/discussions

Benro Tripod Kits Thu, 02 Jun 2016 10:45:02 -0600 MikeLinn 15162@/talks/discussions BV4 Pro

BV6 Pro


Weifeng 717 and 718 heads and tripods topic Sun, 15 Jul 2012 14:10:53 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 3912@/talks/discussions Just most popular entry level normal video tripods and heads.

Available at:

Heads are also available at our deals (as part of carbon tripods) :

Tripod legs with mid-level spreader Sun, 20 Mar 2016 22:45:12 -0600 Panamedia 14838@/talks/discussions I am looking for a tripod with a mid-level spreader under ~4lbs with a max height of +60" and also have a removable head. The only tripods with mid-level spreaders are usually either the really cheap ones that don't have removable heads or else are really big/heavy. The best/closest tripod I could find is the Velbon DV7000 which weighs 5.62 lbs. Anyone have any suggestions?

How It's Made - Camera Tripods Tue, 23 Feb 2016 16:37:31 -0700 MikeLinn 14645@/talks/discussions

Libec LX5 vs WEifeng FT-9901 vs Something else Sat, 14 Mar 2015 13:47:15 -0600 Matrikula 12607@/talks/discussions Hello everyone, I just joined in after few months of reading and getting a lot of useful info. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experience and knowledge. Here is my question. I'm about to build up a gear I plan to use for shooting mostly corporate stuff, reviews of IT equipment and some nature/landscape shots for some tourist organisation. I'm starting from scratch, but I'm trying to skip regular beginner stuff and get something that will be a bit future proof. I'm in search for a good tripod. I'm aware that this is one of the most important piece of equipment and "more you spend, better", however I'm trying to balance between budget and availability. At the moment I can get one of these three and maybe some Manfrotto. I know that Weifeng is good for a start but I'm trying to go step further. My budget is around $500 maybe a bit on top if its really worth it. My No1 pick at the moment is Libec LX5. I couldn't find any info about it on forum, so I'm wondering did anyone used it and how good it is comparing to regular Velbons, Weifengs etc.? Oh yes, the equipment that goes on it: GH2+Metabones Speedbooster+Sigma18-35/1.8+Basic rig with Fotga follow focus+maybe Fotga Mattebox

Tripods Organization Sat, 16 Jan 2016 12:01:29 -0700 MikeLinn 14442@/talks/discussions

What Fluid Head is this!?!? Wed, 02 Dec 2015 01:37:07 -0700 fotosiamo 14141@/talks/discussions So my friend bought a Davis & Sanford 7518 tripod recently off Amazon, but instead of getting the popular FM18, she got a V18 fluid head, a model I've never seen before and can't even find any info on Google, Amazon, or B&H.

Anyone heard of this? Someone said that it's a rebadged fluid head, but he doesn't know which one. It does seem smoother than the FM18, though.