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gh1 + imovie import: differing bitrates
  • Being new here: first of alle thanks a lot to Vtaly and Lpowell and all other guys and girls helping us squeeze the most of our cams !!!!

    I have a new imac + latest imovie version + hacked gh1 + 100Mps Max Latitude Hack + pana gold class 10 card.

    If I shoot FHD 1080p25fps and load the movie in quicktime directly from the sd card it tells me I have 108Mbit/s bitrate. If i now import using iMovie and again load the file to quicktime by clicking on the file stored in the imovie library (i.e. not using imovie at all) it tells me i have about 37Mbps. However, I cannot see any difference in quality.

    What is the reason for this? Is it an OSX artifact?

    I loaded the Lpowel 100Mbps max latitude hack without modification.