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No 50p or 60p in hacked gh2?
  • Hello. I've loaded flowmotion pach 2.02. I checked theese one and some others and I don't have possibility to rec in 50p or 60p or even 50i, etc. Only 25p and of course 24. Is it normal?

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  • Open your camera manual, read it. After it read again. It has all the modes present in the camera.

    Hack does not add new fps or modes.

  • I use AVCHD 1080i > FSH > and record (shutter speed 125, etc). I've read it in manual. After checking footage on my computer i see 25fps on every video program. I use 720p mode>exSH and I shot on 50p. But, can I use a 1080i mode in PAL?