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Gh2 Hack issues
  • I need a solid hack. I hacked my gh2 with the Moon T7 and when I shot this weekend, it cut out mid recording at about 6 minutes. It kept doing this on one of my GH2. Then when I went to import, the files weren't showing up in Final Cut. They were found on m y memory card as .MTS files, so I had to convert them... But anyway, which hack can you recommend that will be solid but still awesome quality? Thanks! Is moon T8 more reliable than t7? I can't have one that is cutting mid recording and also not playing back after record!

    I am using a 32 gb sandisk extreme pro 90mpbs

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  • You want to look for a hack that supports SPANNING = continuing your recorded video in a second file when your first one is 4GB. I am not 100% positive that the GH2 really spans without dropping 1 or 2 frames though.

  • @fatpig maybe it depends on the setting... I can confirm that Cake v2.3 records in 24p without dropped frames by spanning. @gregbankley that setting also playbacks in the camera and spanning works reliably.

  • Try one of the GOLGOP3 patches. They span reliably and look great. They are from @bkmcwd