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MOZA Light - below $1000
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  • Mini 3 Maximum Payload (including lens & accessories): 2.6 lbs / 1.1 kg It is unfortunate 1.5kg would cover up to most DX formats with most lenses combinations

  • 1.2kg is correct. I think most normal cameras with your Tokina fit in this.

    For 1.5kg with good margin to add you need Argo.

    Please note - magic does not exist, higher load requires beefier construction and larger motors.

  • I need 1.3. Just saying that 1.5 would work for most. Moze lite is 4kg. Hope your right and Nab will bring more choices oooh I miss Argo it meets criteria

  • Moze lite is 4kg.

    One thing that needs checking is their used motors actual rating.

    Also note that weight rating for gimbals is not very good idea, as bigger size and longer lens is much harder to stabilize than compact but bigger weight camera.

  • Here is a good news! Gudsen MOZA is hosting a video contest to give away prizes including the MOZA Lite II camera stabilizer. To enter the contest, just capture your motion shots and share it on the facebook. The first prize will be the Sony A6300 camera, and other prizes are MOZA new product- the Mini gimbal for GoPro, RODE VideoMic microphones.


    200 x 318 - 92K