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Best hack for skate tricks/music videos/club recoding and best storage in 2015
  • Hello guys, I am looking for the best card for my GH2. Of course the best option would be pay more and buy Sandisk Extreme Pro 95 or 280 but today I found something interesting. Have anyone tried to work with this card? Sandisk Extreme 80 MB/s it's 30% cheaper than Extreme Pro and looks quite good for the best hacks. What do You think about it?

    Another question - I am looking for the best hack for music videos, club party videos and my skate friends promo videos. I am still considering to use the old 205 mbits or 178 mbit's hacks but I am not sure. What are Your ideas?

    I would be grateful for all answers!

    Kind regards, Arco

    533 x 700 - 68K
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  • Hey @Arco! So the best card for our beloved GH2 ist the Extreme Pro 95Mbps 64 GB since it seems the high-bitrate hacks were developed on those and thus they are the most stable cards for those hacks. I personally got away with the SanDisk Extreme 32GB Extreme 40Mbps (the precessor of the 80mbps card) when using the most stable patch Flowmotion 2.02. This I would recommend to you, it's a Patch with very good quality, but its not as good as Moon T8 for example. Moon T8 works on those too, bu doesn't span and still crashes now and then.

    You have to compromise! You don't need the highest possible quality, also it makes the camera much more likely to crash unexpectedly! That's a big NO when shooting irreversible footage. Keep in mind that club parties are probably lacking good lighting, so you should consider investing in fast lenses or in a totally different camera, since the GH2 is not exactly a light monster. Still best bang for the buck IMO.


  • Try GOLGOP3 patch. Looks great and is super reliable. Spans too! This was the last patch I used before upgrading to the GH4.

  • FlowMotion was the best for my uses (also in action sports) in my limited time with the GH2.

  • I'd go with Flowmotion V2 with a wide lens under 20mm.

  • Flowmotion V2 failed on most of my high action shots. It also would not span on my GH2. Keep in mind that the differences between patches are mostly bitrate and GOP structure. Visually the differences are mostly about how the noise looks on long GOP patches vs. Intra or GOP1 patches. The GOLGOP3 patch solved most of my quality vs. reliability issues. I have done 2hr conference recordings with no recording failures with GOLGOP3 patch. I have had failed recordings with nearly every other patch I have tried and I have tried a LOT of patches! The Extreme Pro 95Mbps 64 GB is well worth paying for.

  • I never had any issues with Flowmotion V2 and I also use de Extreme Pro 95Mbps 64GB card. I think it also depends on your settings used? @caveport I say test what works best for you. @Arco

  • I'm not familiar with GOLGOP3, but ultimately I went with FM because it was good (maybe not stellar, but good) in every mode- 24p, 30p AND 720/60p. Most of the other patches I looked into at the time were really only "tuned" for one framerate, usually 24p.