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Looking for GH2 1080i50 low quality patch for live use
  • I have a live event coming up which I need to do in 1080i50, so I want to use the GH2 as a wide shot with a HDMI to SDI converter into a switcher. The recordings on the camera won't be used, but offcourse the HDMI out has to be clean which is only possible when recording. When using a 32GB card and the minimum standard GH2 bitrate of 13 I could go for 5 hours, but the event is about 8 hours.

    An alternative option is to clear the camera and restart recording but I was wondering if there was a lower quality patch I can use to stretch the recording. As I understood it the quality of the HDMI output and encoders are not linked, so the recording can look horrible as long as the HDMI out is clean.

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