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Panasonic G80 / G85 / G8 4K 5-axis stab magnesium monster
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  • Is it correct that the G80 doesn't do 4:2:2 8bit internally?

    If so, there's very little difference between this and the GX85. Doesn't seem worth upgrading versus waiting for in body 10 bit via GH5. Unless I'm missing some larger features that would make the extra money well spent...

  • drop in the ocean.. storm in a tea cup. it's a great camera - they'll fix this with an update and we'll all move on. They'll loose a few customers, literally.

  • Is it correct that the G80 doesn't do 4:2:2 8bit internally?


    If so, there's very little difference between this and the GX85.

    Don't you see similarity between model numbers?

  • It's good to see Panasonic doing a "mea culpa", acknowledging the problem and stating to be fixing it, because for them the issue is not the G80/85, it's the affected trust that will influence future sales of the flagship GH5. We saw that all review websites didn't mention the issue until the outcry of the buyers, how many pre-orders will be lost on the GH5 because everyone will be waiting for input from real users?

  • @Isaac_B main thing is weather sealing and CineD. No CineD on x85.

  • Best camera setting will be in another post? Or we will use this one for everything?

  • what batteries does this camera take?...the same as the GH4?

  • BL12 The same as G5, G6 and GH2 if i remember

  • right, + g7

  • Yes @ncortinhal I think you're right. Actually me (I have a partially paid pre-ordered camera waiting for me in a shop), I'm holding off picking it up as, even with Panasonic acknowledging the issue and saying they're running to fix it, I don't know if I should trust them 100%. It's clear that they are finding more difficulties than expected with IBIS, for instance Dual IS 1 users are expecting a firmware update of 4 lenses left since February ( If this means they can take (February-November) 8 months and counting for implementing the firmware update to fix the G85 issue, I'm off. They just published an Instagram post, just Lumix USA, so what about all the other delegations?? I mean, does an Instagram post compromise them to do it 100%?? Of course not, the update calendar of the Dual IS 1 firmware was on their website and they're 8 months (& counting) late...

  • @Skomer you can always buy it two months from now if they fix the bugs. There's really no point in paying a higher price to be a beta tester.

  • For me, Dual IBIS 2 is a big improvement over non ibis cameras i've got. I made a "walking test" today and my results were impresive. All my Parkinsons movements from each step are gone.

  • Would the IBIS on the G85 help with walking z-axis if you were using a handheld gimbal like the Beholder DS1/EC1?

  • “Less than a week ago, Panasonic became aware of some reports that the G85's image stabilization wasn't delivering the same level of smooth performance that the GX85 is while slow panning in video mode. Panasonic is working to solve the issue with a firmware update as soon as we can. Panasonic appreciates all the valuable feedback and always focuses on meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations.”

    We're told the update should be available as soon as next week, which is very encouraging.

    This is that I love capitalism for. It is not users and other people who actually brought this to Panasonic attention who had been contacted and thanked and told about firmware, it is retailer money sponsored site who completely missed it and later in silence added part about it after being told many times.

  • Face Detect in Video

  • @ Vitaliy_Kiselev - We once had a Fair Price Act, where no retailer could sell below the manufacturer's lowest list price. For example, in 1962, I bought an Ampex 1260 audio recorder, the top prosumer product, for $550 (a very high price at the time), with no discount anywhere. The equivalent product in our world might be the Canon C300. Some of the cheaper recorders were decent, but not in the same class as the Ampex. The Ampex, though, had this felt washer which pressed the tape against a metal post, to provide supply tension. The washer would clog with oxide, and would periodically have to be turned (you loosened a screw) to a fresh surface. Eventually, you had to replace it. Neither Ampex nor the dealers told you about this. Suddenly, you started to hear this hideous wow and flutter. If you knew the drill it was no big deal, because the washers were cheap (when I complained in a letter, Ampex sent me several for free.) So, even in a regulated environment, a leading reputable company could give you a surprise. If we had the Fair Price Act back, the G8 series would cost more, a lot more, and Sony would not be releasing a new paid hardware upgrade every 90 days. Products would compete on service and quality, not price.

    But even in our free-for-all world, if you spring for the Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II, with its flawless stabilization, you won't have this problem, and Olympus will certainly stand behind the product, unlike Sony and some others. We all want not to pay too much. In an unregulated world, we have to work hard to determine when we should pay more.

  • @4CardsMan Probably the first time the 1260 was equated to the C300. You would need to add Bugle Boy tubes to the input stage of the C300 to get that analog sound.

    Bugle Boy Tubes.jpg
    3091 x 2375 - 2M
  • @DrDave - matched 12AX7's in the preamps.

  • Review


    Lumix G85 is a very powerful video capture device as well. Featuring a dedicated video recording button that works in any recording mode and a full manual video shooting mode; this camera is always ready to provide the amount of control that you are looking for. Offering more control in manual mode than most mirrorless cameras, along with 4K and Full HD at 60fps is what really makes this a fantastic hybrid camera. The 5-axis image stabilization also goes a long way to steady your handheld recordings, even while you are on the move. Our video samples in both 4K and Full HD look excellent, despite the overpowering wind noise. The camera did a very good job with the continuous AF, almost always being able to keep up with quick motion and zoom movements. As with all internal microphones, the G85's is no different, recording all of the sound that is closest to the camera. Adding an external microphone, which the camera is ready for thanks to a mic input jack, is a great way to add audio that matches the excellent quality of the video.

    800 x 593 - 100K
  • Kind of smart for Panasonic to position the G85 before the GH5 comes out. The G85 will be the fall back camera for those that can't afford or need the advanced feature set of the GH5. Its interesting that the G85 and GH4 are now only $200 apart. I would suspect that the G85 is the GH4 replacement.

  • @natureflixs

    G85 is not bad, but it is embarrassing for Panasonic to release such cameras almost 2 years after NX1 and NX500. G85 must have had 422 10bit HEVC encoder.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, so with that, it will be even more embarrassing and fail if the GH5 gets released without the HEVC encoder then? What codec do you think they will implement their 422 10bit with?

  • A bit worried about what Luke Massey says about the Metabones Speedbooster not fitting in the G80/85 body. Does anybody tried a Speedbooster yet?? Is it the XL? The Ultra, or just the basic one??