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Panasonic G80 / G85 / G8 4K 5-axis stab magnesium monster
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  • @Doctor The Mitakon lens turbo II fd/mft I've bought here at works perfect on the G80/G81/G85. No issues at all.

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85 Camera w/12-60mm F/3.5-5.6 G Lens Black W/$100 Gift Card for $998


  • Will constant recording on full battery get over 2H or closer to 1.5h?

  • Yes, but battery last longer if IBIS is Off.

  • So will it get over 2h if IBIS off? Thats great! thanks

  • While I was waiting for GH5 I thought G80 has the same sensor and 4K full sensor read. I start to consider to get one now and it looks like non of this come true?

  • I own G80 and it's wonderfull camera for its price. Better resolution and better low light over GH4. For its price it's unbeatable. If you are for semi-pro camera and you are not on tight budget, definitely go for GH5. It has some great features that lower models don't have.

  • I really hope Panasonic can give the G80/G85 the IS Lock function the GH5 just received. It's a really nice feature. Wishful thinking or possible?

  • Natural profile, panaleica lenses (12-60, 25 & 43)

  • Man, nice deal. Anyone want a G7 with no time limit and a 14-42 lens?

  • LUMIX DMC-G8 Firmware Ver.1.3

    • Improved camera shake correction performance with H-ES 200 lens.
    • The stability of operation during using of external equipment has been improved under specific conditions.

  • I was also hoping for some new features like IS Lock.. we probably don't get any new features for G8 from Pany.. shame

  • I need help from those who have installed Firmware Ver.1.3. I currently have firmware ver.1.2 in the camera. In photo mode, the x-sync speed is 1/160 using the built-in flash. However, when I use an external "dumb" flash the x-sync is 1/320. The camera does not lock the shutter speed to 1/160 using a dumb flash. What I mean by "dumb" flash is a type of flash with just 1 center contact. So my question is, if you have installed firmware ver.1.3 already, does the camera still let you set the shutter speed higher than 1/160 in photo mode when you use a flash? The aperture and shutter speed blink "red" but the camera does not prevent you from going over 1/160 with firmware ver.1.2. I want to make sure that I still have this capability after installing verion 1.3.

    I would greatly appreciate those who can check this for me.

    Thank you.

  • My quick review of the G85:

    I bought one of these when one of my G7 cams conked out. I needed it on the same day so I didn't get a great deal, but it was not so bad, price wise. It's like a G7 plus.
    It's a little heavier, a little better built, has better weather seals, and more features. All the great dials of the G7 but everything is more solid. When you first pick it up, and look at it, you think "G7". But then when you pick them up side by side, you can feel that it is just a bit more solid and a tiny bit thicker, and there's some really small changes to the layout.

    IQ is about the same as the GX85, ever so slightly better than the G7. It's a teeny teeny bit less sharp than the GH5.

    Someone obviously thought a lot about the controls and ergonomics, for example, there's a little indent so you can flip out the screen easier. However, as some have noted, the buttons on the back are hard to feel and have a very short travel. Not a deal breaker but it is nice to be able to navigate by touch easily.
    Similarly, the mode dial is just a bit more solid, in keeping with the overall "more solid" style of the camera.
    Weight: with a battery, and with a card, but no lens or cap, 506 grams. The G7 weighs 413 grams. I weighed all three G7 cams and they weighed the same, the silver weighs the same as the black, just in case you are curious. So 93 grams, not a lot, but not a little.

    Image stabilization works great. Floats like a good bar of soap. Not like 5 stops but really nice and smooth.

    Shutter is nice and quiet. So, I personally think there may still be some shutter shock, but it is really smooth compared to other Panasonic cameras and a very nice piece of high tech in the new shutter.

    Viewfinder: it's great. Big, bright viewfinder. Now, the GX85 had a more "movie" style viewfinder, but it is also off center. The G85 has it right in the center, but in a more photo like crop format. Manual focus with peaking through the VF is pretty awesome.

    There's one thing I didn't read anywhere, maybe I missed it, there's a setting that tells the camera to reset the lens to where it was when you turned it off, when you turn it back on. Now this is a totally great feature.

    Focus was pretty zippy. Takes the same battery as the G7 (I still have the battery from my GH2).
    One pain--if you are using a dummy battery, there is a stupid hole in the bottom so you have to disconnect the battery from the battery or power supply and thread it through the hole, You can't just pop it in.

    On thing that is better on the GX85 is that you can use the built in flash as a bounce flash. It's very cool. Sadly, this is not so on the G85. I rarely use it, but every now and then it is great to have the built in bounce flash.

    Several reviews have said that the G85 writes video files just like the G7, that is, when it gets to 4GB it seamlessly starts a new file. Actually, that is not true. I'm guessing they never tried it. If you record a video in 4K, it writes one big file just like the GX85, which is what you would expect since the electronics are similar.

    Other reviewers note that you can take a non IS lens, like the Olly 75mm, or a legacy lens, and shoot at .4 seconds aperture handheld, using the cameras in body stabilization. Well, I tried that and I think like all of this vaporware about IS you have to be realistic. I was able to consistently get a sharp image at 1/15 second and sometimes 1/10 with the heavy 75mm.

    Although the specs list 4K as 24p, it is in fact 23.976 fps. I mention this because several Panasonic cameras do shoot at real 24p (like the GH5), and Panasonic should clear up their terminology, and the review sites just cut and paste it, of course.

    Noise and whir: this camera has gyroscopes to help with the IS. If you hold your ear up to the camera, you will hear a soft whir. If you place a mic right on it, you might pick up some whir. It makes the exact type of whir that an image stabilized lens does. And, if you have the two together, you will get a bit more of this sound. You can't hear it two feet away, but for super sensitive recordings, factor that in. The GX85 makes the same noise, as does any camcorder with IS.

    Overall, it feels like the best of the G7 and the GX85, with better stabilization and a nice set of features. No time limit on mine. It does make one appreciate the lightness of the G7, actually, but there are times when you want a more rugged camera, for sure.

    So for travel, you have to "weigh" the additional features against the heavier weight and a few mm more bulk. I like having IS on the camera, and with the 14-42 kit you get the double IS.

    It's a nice camera, bottom line.

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  • Thanks for the review DrDave. I can only compare my G85 to my previous GH2 but I think it's a great camera for video.

    One thing I wanted to mention is that third party battery grips are now available for a reasonable price. This lets you use the G85 for long takes like certain interviews, conferences, etc.

  • There's the DSTE add on base with full controls and an extra battery--the batteries can work in relay or you can use a dummy battery through the side of the base.

  • My quick DMW-BGG1 clone review.
    I bought the battery grip, branded DSTE, from Amazon. Note that there are several clone versions, they all look very similar. Some included a spare battery, some include a remote control (!!!).
    The version I purchased is the "RC" version, which has a remote. This is a totally cool feature, considering the ultra cheap price of the grip (~$50).
    Basically, this grip is a no brainer. It's very well made, it works perfect, and it has a remote control. It only works with the G85, but if you have a G85 this is a great add on.
    So, it works just like the official one, it has extra shutter button, extra function buttons, extra dial, and, of course the extra battery socket and the remote for the shutter. There's an on off switch which only affects the buttons and dials, which is good. If you are shooting vertically, everything is where it should be, if you are shooting horizontally, you can turn the buttons off to avoid accidentally changing a setting.
    The battery mounts from the side. It has the same weatherproofed door as the original. This is really handy as you can change the battery without taking the camera off the tripod. The only major difference between this grip and the official grip that I can see is that the pin that aligns the base is a hard plastic instead of metal, but I actually prefer the plastic. The base fits perfect. The shutter makes an audible click, unlike the on-camera shutter, but if you need to start the camera silently, use the on-cam button or the remote, which is silent.
    So what happens when you yank out the battery? When one battery runs down, the other takes over, even in the middle of filming. However, if you yank out the battery (don't try this, obviously, it can mess up your card and maybe the camera) the camera stops filming.
    However--and this is a big however--if you are running a dummy battery on the grip and have a battery in the camera, and you unplug the dummy, as in a power failure, the camera keeps filming. No guarantees, but I tried it multiple times. This is a huge safety feature.
    Great grip for cheap that is better than the original, owing to the remote control.

  • I can confirm it's great peace of equipment. I've got mine a week ago and it's well built. I've got it also as weight addition as G85 is a bit light for my glidecam. With grip and additional battery I can balance without issue. Also I'm not stressing out mount hole on the camera which I think is not located on the best place on the camera. I've got rc version too. Mine comes with 2 plastic boxes for storing SD and TF cards as a gift so I can carry empty cards in one and full in the other which is practical.

  • I designed a slide on screen hood for the G85/G7 and put it up on Thingiverse.

    If anyone's got one of these cameras and a 3D printer give it a try.


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    800 x 601 - 259K