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Panasonic G80 / G85 / G8 4K 5-axis stab magnesium monster
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  • Again bugs! Will Panasonic make a revision or do they simply will abandon G8 saying if you want better stabilisation, then buy our GH5?

  • If they don't do an official statement saying this is going to be fixed in an imminent firmware update, they'll lose lots of money, because with this bad behaviour the G80/85 becomes much less attractive.

    • And makes people waiting for the GH5 nervous... IBIS is one of the things I've been looking forward too for the upcoming GH5 - if it behaves the same way - its a no-no for me.
  • @DrDave

    They missed it totally and then revised the review so it looks like part of the review. No credit to the real researchers. Classy.

    And they not alone. Lot of reviews are already up (as guys are competing for clicks) and as I know none of bog ones even mentioned this (in original form :-) ).

  • The 5 stop IBIS works fine in the GX80 so they either changed the design, got a faulty batch of some components or its a firmware issue. All of which are solvable. The first step is for Panasonic to acknowledge the problem and tell us what they are going to do about it.

  • The 5 stop IBIS works fine in the GX80 so they either changed the design, got a faulty batch of some components or its a firmware issue. All of which are solvable. The first step is for Panasonic to acknowledge the problem and tell us what they are going to do about it.

    Can be also that they changed the design and design is unsuitable for video, just badly designed stabilization part. Can be even issue with new LSI.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Hopefully it's not going to be the case and they're going to fix it through firmware. If not, we've got a soft Samsung 2.0 chapter... What it's clear is that, with this unpredictable behaviour, it's a useless camera for handheld video, one of the commercial claims of the camera,,,,

  • Maybe its the Gyro's fault.

  • 43Rumors updates their recent post about the G80/85 adding below a comment about this issue: I think Panasonic needs to react fast.

  • @Skomer

    Well, after being informed Andrea added it, yep.
    He must have separate post soon.

  • Confucious Say,

    "5 Layer Gyro with Tzat Sauce in Pita , beats PITA 5-Axis Gyro with ZOT Source."

  • Interesting comments at the link above re IBIS issue: This IBIS pan 'issue' is due to rotating the camera about its z axis and the IBIS trying to correct the movement. If you pan in a smooth arc with the camera a little away from your body the pan is very smooth (gyro doesn't pick up a rotation of the camera).

  • @jules

    Did not see any big rotation on samples first presented here.

  • People are trying to work or edit around the problem. I filmed a lot with it over the weekend as well as seeing two other G85s at the store behaving the same way. It does not matter if it is a diagonal move, a tilt or a pan, any change in speed or direction during the movement will result in this drag/rush/snapping.

  • I think Panasonic leaves some issues so that people will want to buy their next model too. It is brilliant marketing. I have a stabilization issue with my GH4 and 14-140mm lens and I want to buy a better lens like 12-60mm or a body with IBIS. This issue strategy works.

  • What about the noise? Sureley it can't be that bad:

  • Not a word about the IBIS issue on the 'Field Test' from Imaging Resource...

    This is really confusing. Could it be that just the first unities delivered were bad? I really don't think so, but a Field Test shoud cover panning & tilting handheld video...

  • I know you want to believe but after testing three bodies and extensively analyzing all the uploaded videos, I believe this is not a bad production run but a feature/bug of the camera. But if you are skeptical of other users' findings then you should go to your local camera store and test it yourself if they have a display model.

    Just be sure to vary your speed or change direction whether you are shooting handheld or using a tripod. If you find that the footage is acceptable then please share it with us.

  • @hanriverprod

    One thing is for certain - Panasonic missed it during quality control.
    They now know about this, but only from us.

    Current situation with cameras also played big role. All review sites now try to publish previews and reviews as fast as they can, usually posting them within minutes after NDA lift. It is capitalism, so they try to win at all cost and get most views and income. And during such run for money real quality slowly deteriorates.

  • @hanriverprod In fact I do believe all the users reporting the issue, and @Vitaliy_Kiselev is right: for instance Matt from is uploading lots of videos of the G80/85 and not a word about this IBIS problem, just keeps saying that the camera is great, feels great, etc (of course it is!), but it has a big major issue/problem. All he does is finishing his clips telling us to follow the links below if we buy, not the best way to act if you want to help your followers. I do ask him to comment the issue through twitter and youtube but nothing, the only thing he answered to another user's question about this is 'nothing so far'.... By the way, Marcin made another video analizing the situation and he says Panasonic contacted him, so there's still hope:

  • @Skomer a highly experienced person who uses the cams for video will pick up a camera like this and spot the problem right away. They will shoot some video, and they will see the problem. Most of the reviewers, nothing personal, are from the photo background. The fact that a lot of people missed it is just the way it is.

  • Does the G85 have the option to downscale 4K to 1080 for the HDMI output? Like the GH4 can?

  • About this "sticky pans" thing

    At around 3.10, the pan looks awfully similar to those i've seen from the g80. It seems that the gx80 can do it too if asked nicely! Has this camera received a firmware update since release?