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Lens Mapping Hack for Lumix GH cameras for smaller lenses
  • Hi. I was wondering if there is a way, with a "tweak" or "hack" for GH cameras, to include in their system a lens mapping function for smaller lenses like c-mounts, just like JVC did with their LS300 Camcorder ? It'll be much more practical and easyer to adjust than the 2x & 4x zoom in or the ETC (working only for video on GH2, don't know about the others) and be more precise so the image quality doesn't degrade too much with noise or anything else.

    What do you think ? Is that possible ?

    Thanks to answer

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  • No, it is not.

    It requires immerse knowledge of sensor capabilities, LSI capabilities and no one if it is even remotely possible to do by Panasonic engineers even.