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XBox and Playstation 5 as way to look at near future of computers
  • PS5 dev kit specs

    • Monolithic die ~22.4mm by ~14.1mm custom LSI with Zen 2 CPU + Navi GPU (weakest part of all!)
    • 32GB GRRD6 - 16 Samsung K4ZAF325BM-HC18 in clamshell configuration
    • 6GB DDR4 for cache and such - 3 Samsung K4AAG085WB-MCRC, 2 of those close to the NAND acting as DRAM cache (unusual 2GB DRAM per 1 TB NAND)
    • 4 NAND packages soldered to the PCB which are TH58LJT2T24BAEG from Toshiba
    • 2TB SSD that uses PCIe 4.0 controller PS5016-E16 from Phison


    747 x 369 - 53K
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  • Xbox Project Scarlett, release in Holiday 2020

    • AMD's Zen 2 CPU + Navi Graphics (previous leak suggest 8 core CPU that is quite low power)
    • GDDR6 memory (up to 22GB 352bit bus)
    • Fast NVMe SSD also used for virtual RAM
    • Will have ray tracing (most probably it is marketing only!)
    • 8K support (marketing only!), 1080 120fps and even may be 4k 120fps.
    • Streaming services will be a big part of the console
    • You won't be being able to resell games you bough
    • Big role of rented games, can be that most games will be provided on subscription/rental scheme only
    • Microsoft don’t have any plans for VR support, SOny also likely will drop their headset support

    From the start consoles will be extremely underpowered compared to most good PCs, only advantage will be more RAM available for GPU. So if you intend to play new games look no less than 11GB for your next GPU and it'll be ok.

  • « You won't be being able to resell games you bough »

    WTF !!! Sad century :-/