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SIGMA fp Cinema Camera with CinemaDNG raw
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  • An unofficial but well-informed source, photographer Kimio Tanaka, told that the Sigma fp should be launched around the 20th of October.

  • On September 30th, Sigma released 3D data of the mirrorless camera “SIGMA fp” and related accessories scheduled to be released this fall.

    Currently available data for download include fp camera body, optional hand grip, mount converter MC-21, and LCD viewfinder LVF-11. Both are provided as STEP files.

  • @VK, You may be right, and usually are, but I really think this one is going to be much closer to 1K. There needs to be serious reclamation of momentum to get consumers primed for the 2020 games. There is a vibe in Japanese camera shops that is hard to describe, and out of respect I won't try, but it's obvious there has been several gear shifts and adjustments over the last several months.

  • @mee

    As far as I understand Sigma cameras management - they always aim at small niches and set strange prices.

    So, I expect that we can see around $2500 and even up to $4000. As they view this camera mainly as premium directors VF.

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    796 x 521 - 131K
    792 x 522 - 127K
    790 x 597 - 70K
  • The proof will be in the pudding, and it will need to be delicious pudding if the price is over 1k imho ;)

  • Making a small, high-performance camera is more expensive than I would have expected. Not only money but also advanced technology are required. SIGMA went all-out.

    from L rumors

  • @independent

    I don't agree with everything Vitaly says but he's right here modern camera manufacturers are in it for ramping up all the costs to consumers.

    Let me explain why and how it happens.

    Top management always lived on growing market, and suddenly it started to shrink. In large part not because of all smartphone revolution, but because of camera companies willing to stay hardware only business and not being large enough and standard enough.

    In such situation companies are like players in the game, in each round they want to survive till the next round. And companies who will get maximal profits will survive each turn for sure. Hence the price hikes. They look at each other and set goal to not have margins less than your competition.

    Of course, strategically for camera industry, thing that they are doing is suicide. But as it is competing capitalist entries they do not care about strategy, they want to survive each specific turn. And surviving means making thing worse with each hour overall.

  • Mee, I bet more than double, I guess 2499. I don't agree with everything Vitaly says but he's right here modern camera manufacturers are in it for ramping up all the costs to consumers

  • I would almost bet on this being 1k. Most camera Pricing hasnt made sense to me for quite awhile though. If they want to round up some of the film maker types, this has to be considerbly less than bmpcc. Nikon Z6 body is easy enough to get for 1500.. so 1500 would be silly. I do think the primary goal with this surprise release i to disrupt Nikon z6 sales with relatively cheap alternative. Regardless, I like it, but Z6 is likely my next camera .

  • With all the 'Dedicated accessories', they should make the body cheap, to get people to buy into the 'modular system'. My guess is, it has to be less than $1500, maybe even $1200 to start. As I've said before, it won't be long before we see a sub $1000 full frame mirrorless and this Sigma thingy might be kicking off a product war.

  • Personally I think we are going to see sub 1k... Even sub 700 prices on these little bodies... Maybe initial 1k price, then drop in 6 months. Its the right way to do it imho. Sell a very capable body which anyone coming from smart phones can use, never charge for internal upgrades, just charge for external upgrades. If you buy the FP and are serious about film, an external monitor and other goodies will be necessary. If you just want better photos and video than your phone can provide, but cant see spending 1k for a camera as a priority, these little yi m1 / zcam offerings from the big companies will get you in the door and prime you for future purchases. Much, smarter and more reasonable than paid firmware upgrades.. cough cough... Panasonic... Cough... I think the slightly troublesome $300 Yi M1 gave us a glimpse of the real price point most moving from phones consider reasonable.. still a viable option for many.

  • rumors are sony will release 4 cameras before sept. I bet one will be the same formfactor ff emount at a fraction of what sigma will price the FP. It might even have a popup vf aka rx100 and lots better af. It's just a guess. Around 1200 US would be a market sweep.

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    796 x 409 - 44K
  • Finally a modular mirrorless! Contrast AF is sad, but considering the cine marketing of this camera, not a deal breaker for anyone serious about cine style, ie manual lenses. If the price is right (thinking very low), this will fill a much needed gap between hobby prosumers on a budget, and wanna be professionals prosumers that pay three times as much as prosumers less than a decade ago. Personally I think this is really the GH6 water tester. GH6 lite, or GH2.1 if you will.

  • I like the design

  • Did not see that coming.

  • It seems a great camera! Now we will have to wait for some reviews.

  • Heat management

  • you can Auto generate English subtitles for announcement video

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