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Apple 2019 iPhones, computational imaging wall is near
  • Apple supply around 30% of all 7nm and 5nm development funds, and the wall is near.

    Will be quite interesting to see train wreck of idea to compensate physical shortages by pure force of computation.

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  • No 5G in this. You'll need to wait until the 2020 models. Those will use Qualcomm modems. the iPhone 11 will have an Intel modem.

    No SD card slot like usual. I wish that will change one day but it's very unlikely.

    The telephoto lens is f/2.0 verses f/2.4 of the XS models from last year but both are still an equivalent of 52mm.

    The RAM on the iPhone 11 is said to have 4GB which is 1 gig more than the XR from last year. According to leaked TENAA certification documents, the iPhone 11 Pro is said to have 6GB of RAM. That would be 2 gigs more than the XS models but we'll have to wait and see if that ends up being the final spec.

    iOS 13 will allow app makes to take advantage of recording at least 2 video clips at once using different cameras. One of the apps that are confirmed to take advantage of this is Filmic Pro. I messaged them a few questions today and they got back to me.

    I asked if the dual recording feature will work on the XS models and when will they release the new update.

    At this time the feature is still in active development, so we don’t have a ton more that we can say now that wasn’t mentioned in the Keynote address. We do know that simultaneous multicam support will be an included feature within FiLMiC Pro for supported devices, and we’re working on getting more information together so that we can address all the pressing questions people have: what devices will it work on, what frame rates and resolution will it support, and most important, when will it be available to the public.

    I also asked them if 4K 60p will still be recorded using a variable frame rate. Unfortunately they said yes. They recommended using hardbreak if you want to convert to constant frame rate. Seams like Apple may have to fix it on their end in order for other apps to also be able to record in a constant frame rate. Yes it's like that on other phones but you'd think they'd fix this by now.

    Speaking of iOS 13, it has PS4 and XBOX One controller support. You don't need to either get an Apple certified controller or jailbreak your iPhone to use other controllers now.