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May be we'll see 1080p viewfinder in GH3, or even sooner?
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    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 native
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Display Type: 0.74 inch LCoS
    • Pixel Pitch: 8.5 um
    • Brightness: 150 cd/m2 (nits)
    • Contrast: 1200:1 at f/2.8 (LCoS panel)
    • 10% see-through HMD type
    • 240 fps sequential color (80 fps per color)
    • 30 bit RGB color depth (24 bit RGB input)

    Available for $799 at

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  • Wouldn't something like this come in handy in many situations for shooting with?

  • @johnnymossville

    I think yes, especially that you can see reality through this. So, won't kill yourself. :-) It can be excellent viewfinder.

  • You getting one VK? Let us know what they are like!! :-D RoboDOP!

  • @alcomposer

    Nope. For me actual FullHD projector is enough.

  • Coooool toy, but I will wait for when ever price drops down.

  • Geordi La Forge has the bridge

  • iRacing (MMO racing simulator/game) with these and a head tracking system would be cool! These do 3d also so if you were 3d video shooter these could be a great way to see your 3d effect on location if you had a processor to process the 3d image in real time. very cool, cant wait to get them for half the cost as tech progresses on.

  • looks way better then the sony 1280x720 one. FullHD projector??

  • surprisingly affordable for a first release

  • Does it have focus peaking??

  • @johnnymossville

    I used to use video glasses for discreet shooting in the street. But that changed with smartphones. These days you can look down at a screen in your hand and people just assume you're texting.

    Of course, these Hi-res glasses would only attract more attention with their dorky look.

    BTW, nobody ever expected to walk around with these things on! We just stood casually by, looking to one side, with one hand on the tripod handle.

  • Only 10% transparency though VK, That's not enough reality for me to be comfortable negotiating a rail crossing while watching Bladerunner! :-)