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2.5mm to 3.5mm audio adapter
  • Sorry if it's already a topic. I used two differend 2,5 to 3,5mm adapters for a mic but with both I loose connection from time to time. Is there a solid solution for this wiggle? Thanks!

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  • Cut some plastic around the jack so it goes deeper (full in). I had the same problem...

  • I did the same thing, cut the plastic, to make my poxy one fit =)

  • Man, I just finally gave up today after looking far and wide for the perfect adapter. I got a straight Audio Technica adapter and a way too long Audio Technica cable. Quality is there, but I feel like the adapter is going to snap itself of the internal connector of the camera --_-- The sad thing is I saw the perfect adapter once and only once when I was low on funds. It was made by Monster cable, it was a one piece 15 cm (6 inch) 2.5 to 3.5 cable. When I went back with funds the store said it didn't exist. Yet I held it in my hands and even showed my wife who agreed it was perfect. Swallowed by the vortex, never to be seen again. does anyone have a one piece cable? You'd think Panasonic would offer one for a ridiculous price.

  • I had one of those things break off in my jack. If you can find one of good quality, buy it.

  • If you can find one of good quality

    I am looking for one and asked to share your experiance- that's why I opened up this topic.

  • @peaceonearth I use this one without any trouble

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  • This is the best one I could find (after testing many of them), no glitches works well for GH2, however i don't remember the eBay seller ...

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  • Unfortunately the audio technica one I got seems to not go in deep enough as I am only getting one channel to fully come in, the other channel is just barely there. It's definitely the adapter though, as my mic and camera both deliver full stereo on their own, and the cable also when connected from mic to whatever is delivering full stereo. Problem is the adapter is all metal, so without a grinder or hours of sanding I am up a creek. Even lost my receipt for the overpriced adapater. (Audio technica makes good stuff, just this aint working for me).

  • When you have soldering skills, use this one. (Photo attached) It has 4 (yes, 4 ) poles /rings, but this 4 pole type is the only plug I know so far, that definately fits into the GH2´s body, There is a gap / mold that surrounds the GH2´s mic input jack, so all other 2,5 mm plugs have too big cabinets. This plug is all metal, the first and second ring can be shortened to make it 3 poles/Stereo. I made an 2,5mm stereo to mini-xlr adapter from this.

    Also, do not forget: Do not stress trhe GH2´s input jack too much. Those long adaptors looking like tubes and not using cables can put too much leverage on the jack. (Lever rule :-)

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  • Ive been using the right angled one that tinbeo posted, only I got mime from B&H for about $4, so picked up a couple. Have used it many times with good results and didnt have to shave any material.

  • When I did research for a writing course unit into what causes camera repairs, a big one turned out to be the camera falling to the ground caused by cables: a monitor cable tripped over the floor, a mic cable being pulled too hard, or camera operator walking away from a camera/tripod with the headphones still on. Naturally the risk of a plug pulling on the camera casing's socket can happen while a camera is still on the tripod.

    When my media faculty put in place a procedure of using deliberate, weak-link extension cables, (30 cm long is a good size) repairs went down and completions improved.

    At the time we used string to take any stress away from the camera itself, so the short, weak mic lead would remain slack between the socket and the stronger place it was tied to with string: say, a tripod leg.

    If say, a boom operator tried to go further than the cable would allow, the cable would tug gently, for a microsecond, then separate from the female jack tied to the tripod, leaving the shorter lead slack from tripod to camera and its male jack still inside the camera's socket.

    The boom operator might walk away oblivious, trailing the long lead and jack behind him.

    These days, instead of string, I like the idea of velcro.

  • @mee This adapter will fit with just a little scraping with a pocket knife.

  • @peterap Thanks for the link, is it the actual metal you are scrapping?

  • Radio shack has one - 1/8" Stereo Jack to 3/32" Stereo Plug Adapte - Model: 274-373 | Catalog #: 274-373

  • Hopefully one of you can help me out here. I'm out in Afghanistan and have a similar question:

    Question regarding Tandberg 1000 video teleconference machine: There is an audio output on the side for combo microphone/headeset audio. It states in the owners manual that it is a 2.5mm, 3 pole input with the tip being a microphone output, the ring being an earphone (reciever input) and the sleeve being the common/ground. We are trying to use the ouput for louder speakers and a separate microphone. Any suggestions?