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  • I know it's a good idea to get 77mm filters w/ step-up rings, but it's so convenient to have 52mm filters for m43 gears.

    Many m43 lenses work fine with 52mm filter. Many SLR primes have 52mm filter thread. Some with 55mm work with 52mm step-down ring.

    I have two 52mm filters. Fader ND filter and B+W CPL filter. Stacking them up don't get vignetting at 14mm from Lumix 14-45mm.
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  • I bought a fairly expensive set of 3 high quality marumi NDs, an expensive macro filter and a UV all at 52mm. I had planned I wouldn't need anything more. they fit perfectly on my nikkor 50mm 1.2, I have step down for 20mm. Then I buy the samyang 35mm with a front thread of 77mm:( so I need to rebuy filters at 77mm. Not wise.
  • Prolly bad idea... but I like carrying a light gear. e.g. 14-45 + 52mm filter + hood.

    77mm filter threaded lenses... well... I will worry about it later. Hopefully I never get a big lens :)