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Most stable patch & set for skateboarding filming @ 60p in GH2.
  • Hi everyone in my first topic from Spain. I'm just looking for the best patch to film skateboarding videos @ 60p o HBR (i film in both but edit in 29,98p so can use 59,96 for slow motion). I have been using for a long time spanmybitchup but sometimes fails dropping frames (sometimes even 3 or 4 frames) and from time to time when i use HBR a somethinglikeagreenband appears at the bottom of the picture.

    Here is some stuff i film in differents times and hack (most of the with the camera "naked")

    Sorry about my english.


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  • Thanks but i tryed it and want a little more quality if possible. I tryed FlowMotion 2.2, SpanMyBitchUp and Sanity and they are great settings...

  • @kaikerr...

    from my experience, cluster v7 6gop 720p60 is my fav... and i havent been able to crash it...

    the 15gop NEVER seems to crash... =o)

  • I've been using Flowmotion to film skating. I was using Sanity 5, which I really liked because of its smaller file size, but the 60p always gave me write errors...Flowmotion 2.02 has been flawless and the 60p looks amazing!

  • @kaikerr I've been testing 23 different 60P settings recently. What exactly is it that you are looking for in terms of image quality?

    @RandyCatanach That is really odd about the write errors with Sanity. What card were you using?

    Also, here is a comparison of 1:1 from an unprocessed I-frame of a static shot at ISO 12,800 with Sanity 5, Factory 1.1 (unlocked ISO), Flowmotion 2.02 and Cluster 7AN Nebular 6 GOP Sharp 2.

    The scene is NOT very demanding other than the high ISO. There is also not a lot of motion - it is meant to be essentially static.

    Here are the avg. I-frame sizes in that clip for each setting.

    • Sanity 5: 288, 583
    • Cluster 7 AN Nebular Sharp 2: 206,449
    • Flowmotion 2.02: 192,542
    • Factory 1.1 (ISO unlocked): 108, 324

    Avg. P-frame size.

    • Sanity 5: 90,229
    • Factory 1.1 (ISO unlocked): 31,771
    • Flowmotion 2.02: Does not use P-frames
    • Cluster 7 AN Nebular Sharp 2: Does not use P-frames

    Avg. B-frame size

    • Flowmotion 2.02: 97, 947
    • Sanity 5: 64, 795
    • Cluster 7 AN Nebular Sharp 2: 57,411
    • Factory 1.1 (ISO unlocked): Does not use B-frames
    1440 x 900 - 2M
  • @thepalalias yeah I thought the same but the only advice I was given in the sanity thread was to get a faster card. I've tried sanity 5 with a sandisk class 10 45mb/s and 30mb/s. 24H and HBR worked great but 60p modes gave me write errors everytime. It worked fine in sanity 2.X and 3.X.

  • @RandyCatanach As I said, definitely odd. Sorry to hear you're having that trouble.

    EDIT: I will try to look a bit at what is going on there.

    The GOP length for 720 60P in 3.1 was 31 vs 18 in 5, while the video bitrate was set the same. 720P frame limits were decreased while the 720P Bottom Setting and Top settings were both increased.

    The GOP could be a factor with certain cards. I remember I had a lot of issues with low GOP 60P toward the end of last year with a 30MB/s 16GB SanDisk card (that could handle high bitrate 24H settings just fine).

    Still, the odd thing is that Flowmotion 2.02 does fine with a GOP of 6 in this case...

    So I guess in your case it's Sanity 3.1 if you want the lower bitrate setting and Flowmotion 2.02 for a higher bitrate one?

  • I have been using flowmotion 2.02 in 60p mode now for a while and it looks really great. Really good quality at moderate bitrates! I havn't missed one shot yet, so it is very stable and excellent for skateboarding!

  • I'm currently using @driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now - Nebula' 6 GOP Setting, let's see in a few days if it's stable enought. Thanks for sharing all your experiences...

  • there are this things I keep forgeting, reply to be deleted ; )

    Cluster v7 60p.PNG
    1279 x 687 - 105K
  • All my work is high motion footage, for this I use exclusively Flowmotion v2.02 720p 60/50 because that is what LPowell designed the patch for. Never experienced a fail even with kit lens and I only use Sandisc 30 or 45MB/s Extreme cards.

  • What about the new @driftwood Cluster series? good for skateboarding filming? wich one?

  • It is wrong to measure results on i frames alone but to measure results as an average across all frame types on varying scenes and dependent on the GOP structure - streamparser and streameye does this very well. The quest is always to resolve the best detail without losing Quality at the bottom end (less things going on in the picture). If you measure purely for best QP at high detail when it comes to low detail stuff the quality and bitrate is often low. Its important to find the right balance.

  • Sorry but still don't understand, too technical for my knowledge, i just want to know which patch i should use of the new ones for action filming, which GOP... thanks anyway

    • I mean which one of @driftwood CLUSTER X series...
  • id like to know too, i havnt used any other hacks in along time and i forgot what im using, im guessing the Flowmotion series 2 might be good? and the cluster series,? i shoots mostly 720 60p , on 16gb 95mbs card