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ColorGHear [PART 2]
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  • I've been going through both threads today, looks like there's loads of good info here.... ....and I'll admit, I'm pretty much useless when it comes to CC. Shian, your "Primer Part 2" video sold me, and I just pulled the trigger on this. I'm looking forward to learning as much as possible from you!

  • GH2 Intravenus vs. GH3, BMCC, and 5DMKIII High Dynamic Range Shootout coming later this week. With @CollierLandry

    GH2-Intravenus untouched Pancake 20mm


    GH2 Intravenus quick CGT grade - Density, Spectral 1, and Levels


    GH2-I flat.png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
    GH2-I CGT.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @shian This is the real deal - image is phenomenal. Would love to see an intelligent/cool horror film shot with this style. Love the grade. Thanks for posting.

  • Damn, @shian , that looks clean. ISO? Totally wish I was out in CA for that shoot out. Can't wait to see the results.

  • ISO400


    Pancake 20mm,

    GH2 Intravenus 24H,

    SS 1/50

  • Finally conceded. Just bought Quicktime 7 Pro. Haha.

  • Well worth it. Super streamlining.

  • Gotta preach a bit. Buying the ColorGHear plugin opened my eyes to grading. It's totally second nature now. With the upcoming GHears for DaVinci, I'm sure it will become easier but between the Film School Series and picking apart the AE GHears to see what they do, I've been able to grapple with poor footage and make good footage look superb. All thanks to ColorGHears.

    Case and point, did this grade in DaVinci

  • Hey Shian, Color grading has been one thing that's baffled me for ages. Your tutorials really get to the point & now I'm actually getting results. I especially liked the "film stock" tutorial. ...I am soooo glad I signed up for this!

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • So HUGE News!!!!!

    There will be an ALL NEW version of ColorGHear in January, and it will work in Davinci Resolve, FCP 7, Speedgrade, and Premiere as well. The RESOLVE, FCP 7, and SPEEDGRADE versions are all in the testing phase and so far... working spectacularly. The Premiere version is a little clunky, and requires a tiny bit of "hacking" to get going, but you'll be able to use it there as well.

  • @shian

    If you ask me, I want to see full good course on color grading from you, without presets.

  • @shian Very cool - looking forward.

  • @shian I second Vitaliy. You clearly know what you're doing, and while throwing GHears on stuff is more complex than simple "looks" from other grading products, I'd like to learn more about what I'm doing even when I throw a simple curve on in Resolve.

  • There will be a grading "Master Class" in which I'll go in-depth in a likely 10-20 part tutorial series where I grade a project and explain what I'm seeing, and what I'm doing, but most won't be able to even keep up unless they go through the current tutorials. I haven't held off because of arrogance or snobbery, I've had contemporaries who do this for a living who when they see me in action can't keep up with my grades. They sit and watch me, and I try to explain to them the choices I make and why, and they can't comprehend it because it all falls within my color philosophy, which, if you are unfamiliar with it, will cause one to quickly fall behind in the Master Class. The current tutorials lay the foundation of that philosophy in it's most basic sense.

    Without fail, as a DP; every colorist I have worked with has had to take a back seat as I tried to explain what they needed to do to create the look that was intended, and when I sit down and get to work on their station they all say, "that's not gonna work" and then they see the results, and they all look at me like I'm an alien. I don't work or think like any conventional colorist. Which is why you see, and will continue to see both DP and Colorist credits on projects of mine.

    All of the ColorGHear tutorials to this point are the primer course. There are 3 more levels of material to learn. But I've yet to see anyone catch up to what I see. Again this is isn't arrogance, it's that my brain processes things differently than anyone else I've met - other than John Lowry - which is why he hired me. ColorGHear is a collection of the most common steps I take in getting my grades. That's where it came from; the GHears were presets that saved me time so I didn't have to do the same adjustments over and over again. CGT is easy to process, easy to use, and gets amazing results... but the Master Class stuff will swamp most people. I will teach it, but not for free, and I've yet to see anyone other than @artiswar demonstrate that they can handle it.

    To this day I've not met anyone who can process what I have to teach. Or it may be that I'm not teacher enough to properly convey the information that is necessary to do what I do. Or, ultimately, it may be a talent and not a skill, and it cannot be taught. I really don't know. But I will keep trying to teach it... And trying to make grading easier for everyone as I have done with ColorGHear.

    In the meantime ColorGHear is the fastest way to "get there" with minimal knowledge, and just a little training.

  • I've gone through all your tutorials and am still waiting for the ones "coming soon" to come. In the meantime I've learned resolve from the ground up. So I know a little.

    I don't find what you're saying to be incomprehensible. I think many are used to magic bullets drop and adjust and then think they've done what a colorist really does. I also think many don't have properly lit footage to work with and everything falls apart when they grade and they get frustrated. You're not just a colorist, you're a dp. So you more often than not likely have useable footage.

    Just do the best job you can teaching a master class and be available to answer a question every now and then. If you provide a master class I will take it when I have time. I don't feel a need to prove myself. Provide the info and I will see if I can learn it.

  • @shian - humbling indeed. Bring it on, I've got an itchy PayPal finger.

  • Ummm call me a frog. I'm ready to leap to master level.

  • @shian Dude, seriously, stop stroking your dick and just get on with it. The self adoration is fucking annoying. I'm very happy to learn from you but please stop licking your own ass.

    I mean I've paid to be a member and am very happy for the tools I've acquired, particularly the tutorials, but for fuck's sake stop going on like you've given us insight into the uncertainty principle.

  • @spacewig " you've given us insight into the uncertainty principle."

    Haven't I? :)


    gh2 goes off sale december 31st. I must see it before then!

  • Part 1 tonight.

  • @shian

    Get my good advice. Make good small basic course. From ground up. Free one. For really dumb motherfuckers like me.

    And after this make advanced parts.

  • @shian I agree with Vitaliy. A nice small "basics of color correcting and grading for dummies" would be excellent. Then that acts as the free intro class to an advanced series that is paid.


  • @shian I agree with Vitaliy as well.

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