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ColorGHear [PART 2]
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  • @Superset is says "DisCOUNTED" that means it's cheaper. And that the AFX only version. This new version is separate from the AE version. It will have functionality in AE, but mostly it's power comes from being able to work on those other platforms.

    Yes - AE is far superior to PP in every way when it comes to grading, but I think with the new version you'll be very happy with all the new options you have for grading.

  • Can you make a video tutorial for new ColorGhear (Davince resolve version) once it comes out @shian?

  • patience - why do you think I'm not selling that version content yet. It's done I just need to have all the tutorials done first, and they take time.

  • Oh good lord, reading is fundamental. Thanks for the correction. :) I'll take your word for it and wait for the new version.

  • @Shian Maybe I missed this(short attention span) but if I bought the AE version... do I have to re-buy the new one.?..I would like to see what I can do in FCP7 with footage I push through 5dtorgb.

  • Cheers @Shian

    I'm kind of echoing @No_SuRReNDeR 's question, but I'm exclusively on AE. I bought the first version. Will I be entitled to get the new gears? I don't care for any other version than AE. Will you be updating it?

  • I'll let you guys know by PM. Vitaly has asked me to keep the marketing side of things off the boards, so I will comply.

    [graded with ColorGHear Pro for FCP 7] image

    1917 x 814 - 2M
  • @shian

    I'll be making topic review next week as I want to remove marketing bullshit and return all to simple and logical things easy to understand as it is common on personal view.

  • The discussions of ColorGhear have mentioned its capabilities in noise reduction. I've asked elsewhere about how these compare to Neat Video, but couldn't get any useful information. Is there someplace where someone's compared the quality of noise reduction between the Neat program and ColorGhear's use in AfterEffects?

  • Just got CHG and tried it on this short short vid I've made...

    Not satisfied with the compression...I've also used rGrain...Vimeo messes it up, and I encoded high profile 5.1 2 pass VBR with 25/30 bitrate.

    Back to CHG filmschool :D

  • @Riker WOW that looks stellar. Great job. Great Grade. Some really good looking shots in many places. And yeah, web compression doesn't like grain much, Vimeo compression tends to turn it into gravy, and not the good kind of gravy.

  • Thanks Shian!

    Since it was my first time grading, I would say it's ok, but there's so much to learn about the process...watching your videos gave me the heads up for checking separate channels while grading, I never did that before, I come from photographic way of thinking so I thought film grading would be like Lightroom :D all that noise in the blue and red channel really brings a man down.

    Is there any technical explanation why does the camera get the green channel best (in most cases), red channel ok and blue absolutely horrid :D also, the green channel always tends to look smooth, as if some minor blur was applied, while the red channel is pixelated a little...

    Is this a technical limitation, codec limitation, or Panasonics "we wont give you better than this, we could, but not in this price range" limitation :D

    PS do you have some insights on your sites server uptime? It seems like pages load slowly sometime...yesterday I couldn't access the school :D

  • @Brian_Siano

    Findings and feelings about NR:

    ColorGhear's GHrainKiller uses After Effects's (AE) own noise reduction (NR) engine. The gear is pre-parameterised by @Shian to apply different amounts of reduction in each channel to better fit the GH2 noise characteristics.

    This AE NR engine does some auto profiling but I'm not sure if the profiling is dynamic from frame to frame (like you can define it to be on NeatVideo (NV) when you activate Adaptative Filtration). In either NR system you can activate an interframe temporal noise reduction option. AE let's you control it's sensitivity to motion, while NV let's you control the time span of this reduction.

    NV's latest version will squeeze the juice of your hardware (CPU/GPU) while I can't tell for sure if AE is able to do the same. NV looks notably faster, even more so when you activate temporal NR.

    I haven't done an apples to apples benchmark/comparison (I don't have the filter installed on AE, I just use version 2.x through VirtualDub on a need basis). My feelings are that AE does less cleaning, while preserving more detail, but that might be a matter of tuning the filters.

    One thing that I don't really like one bit about NV, is that (on version 3 at least) you have to buy the Pro version (the most expensive one) to process FullHD sources. :(

  • @duartix Thanks! That's excellent information.

  • @all Have purchased QT Pro but cannot see that as an output option in AE CS5. Has anyone had this issue and solved it? On a Mac 10.8.2. Been searching the internet with no success as of yet. Thanks-

  • @SisterCities AE will not give you an option to use QT PRO. QT PRO operates on its own. You just export QuickTime movies the way you always have, then open them in QT 7 pro and use it to compress for online. Exporting from AE is covered in the exporting tutorial on the site.

    @Riker I've never NOT been able to access the site, but it has been slow lately. I'm working with my host to get it moved to a different server, otherwise I'm gonna get a new host.

  • Concerning grain, I just heard an interesting tidbit of news from one of my best friends. He is an insane computer programmer type, and also a cinephile. He is obsessed with encoding all his films to a centralized server in his home, and is pretty much the only person that I talk to in-person who can understand my P-V hack settings jargon.

    Anyway, he has an extreme dislike for "nasty grain" because it makes encoding a film rather difficult. You can imagine his excitement, then, as he informed me that the new H.265 is going to be capable of "analyzing film grain, removing film grain for encoding of the file, and then reconstituting/simulating that noise pattern as an overlaid layer of random noise upon playback". Needless to say, I hope the interwebz streaming places like Vimeo and YouTube utilize this feature.

  • @shian Great info, thank you.

  • @B3Guy when's the H.265 coming out? I don't see any clear info on Wiki...

  • Not sure. I was trying to find official documentation to back up my friend's info, but wasn't able to find any unfortunately. But he is an extremely skilled computer programmer, very knowledgable about these things and hooked into the social circles that keep tabs on this type of news. I for one hope he is right because it sounds like an ingenious and no-nonsense way for encoders to cope with grain.

  • On my way to scout a location for a film I'm supposed to be shooting at the end of next month, the vehicle I was a passenger in was struck from behind by a woman texting while driving. I'm okay, but my back is pretty messed up, so I need to be spending a lot of time on my back recuperating instead of hunched in front of my computer. My apologies as it may be a week or so before I can spend the necessary time in front of the computer finishing the tutorials for the ColorGHear Pro release. :(

    I'm on my back in bed now typing this on my iPad.

  • @shian

    I wish you a complete and speedy recovery, my friend.

  • @shian She's probably a Lynch fan ;) Here's hoping you feel better soon...


  • Texting while driving... grrr. I have no sympathy for that level of stupidity. Get well soon, dude!

    Meanwhile, First a/b frame grabs.... test footage for an upcoming music video.... Please be merciful! Used CineGhamma, skin tone LUT, Spectral enhancer & Toney Scott.

    adam before.png
    1000 x 375 - 516K
    adam after.png
    1000 x 375 - 2M
  • @OzNimbus Grading looks good.

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