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Hack and bitrate question
  • Hi,

    Well, I would like to know if someone could help me to know if my hack is working well. I was using this last month the 88Mbps United hack. The first problem : when I check the bitrate for the different video, it's never the same : I can have 38Mbitps, 44, 88... I was using a SDHC card 32Gb 45MB/s class10. I check the bitrate by right click on video and check the details (in Properties) in Windows.

    I wanted to try the Flowmo v2.02 hack to test a higher bitrate. And something stable. The installation seems to be OK. I'm using now a 95MB/s SD card Extreme Pro. Well, the bitrate is now really low (38Mbits max).

    I'm recording in 24H mode.

    Someone could explain me if I'm checking the bitrate in the good way? Have we an other way to check if the hack is working? Why have I all these fluctuations in my recordings?

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  • Bitrate is variable, so it depends on subject of your shooting. Did you check this here already?

    Many answers there.....