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GH2 Canon Speedgrade LUTs
  • I'm wondering i someone familiar with Speedgrade can give me some pointers on how to use a Macbeth Color chart to easily match my GH2 footage with my Canon Cameras.

    What I envision as a workflow would be the following--use a preset from each cam, not a custom WB, so anyone could use these Look Up Tables, then shoot some scenes with the Macbeth Color chart, using the same chart and lighting for each cam, and then finally just put the numbers online. I suppose an even better solution would be to somehow convert these LUTs into Cineform values so we could bypass Speedgrade altogether.

    The result would be that one could open a preset, say "incandescent" in the GH2 and 5D MK2, or pro camcorder, then just apply the LUT. And anyone could use the LUT because it uses the preset WB in the Cams, which presumably are the same for every user.

    Anyone in the world could then use these LUTs.

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  • Yup, sorry!