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2.35:1 1920×820 cropped avchd
  • Hello!,
    i have a question, i´m quite a newbie here, and i really don´t understand too much of the hacking,
    so i have a question :D
    i have many, but here is only one:

    -can i change the aspect ratio in avchd
    1920 X 820
    to get the cinematic 2.35:1

    by only cropping the frame? (with no anamorphic lens atached), this is only to get the framing right within the camera, is that possible?

    and of course, as i dont have any anamorphic lens to try, this is a solution for me, if it is possible, is it?

    -or perhaps being able to see guidelines with the 1920x820 crop would be better

    can i do any of this two things within the available hack?

    Greetings to all, from Chile!
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  • not currently possible in AVCHD with the hack. You can crop in post, or use tape on your LCD to view "cropped guidelines" :-)
  • haha damn it, thank you for answering in light speed though! (:, but does anyone know if custom guidelines will be available eventually?
  • It's on the list of gh2 improvements, so in time I think it will happen, but it's not top priority.
  • Crop AVCHD in post to 1440x1080 and then transform to 1920x720 for 2.66:1 with a 2x anamorphic lens.

    I'm also looking into upscaling plugins for Premiere Pro to better resize anamorphic footage. I have one I'm working on at the moment but can anyone else suggest any?
  • +1 for EOSHD's suggestion. this will keep the final product very sharp, going from 1080 vertical to 720.
  • His suggestion is for with an anamorphic 2x, of course, as he says . . . not for normal lens shooting like you were asking about, just to be clear.
  • @stefanos thank you! is good to know, if it is available from here to december i will be happy :), cause i´m planning to shoot my first movie on january with th ghVK!

    @B3Guy hahahah yeap the EOSHD suggestion (btw i read your webpage :), doesn´t work for me, but i appreciate the knowledge though...