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GF2 Patch wont exceed 1.1
  • Hi a newbie here trying to apply the PTool patch to my GF2. Followed all instructions and things go fine until I get to the 'Body version up' screen on my camera. Despite changing the new patched .bin filename to GF2__V12.bin and putting it in the SD root directory Version>>>1.1 is the only option showing. After selecting 'Yes' the menu obviously says 'Version up ongoing' but I am left with the standard 1.1 firmware.

    I have formatted the SD before and afterwards and have tried every option I can think of (downloaded new PTools, used a variety of different digits V20 etc) and no closer after several nights of trying to figure this out

    Im using an 16 gb Sandisk SDHC class 10 card

    I have searched high and low for anyone with a similar GF2 issue in these forums to no avail. Apologies in advance if I have posted this in the wrong place. But any help or direction would be much appreciated!

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  • Thanks for your quick reply, I shall read carefully through the FAQs, sorry what does 234234 mean?

  • @Rails I use a GH2 so this may be wrong, but I remember reading somewhere that your camera will still display the same firmware number even after you apply the hack/patch/setting. I believe one way to check is to use streamparser (it's a program that analyzes footage you shoot. Its available in the faqs area of this website). Once you apply the hack/patch/setting, shoot some footage, 30 seconds will do. Then use streamparser to analyze it. For me, I use a GH2 so I know the regular firmware creates files that are about 24 Mbps for Video bitrate. When I've properly applied a hack setting, the footage is much higher at I know the hack/patch/setting has been installed.

    So bottom line is that your GF2 may now be hacked with patch/setting on it and ready to go. Shoot some footage and run it through streamparser and it should show you what bitrate you're shooting. If its significantly higher, you're all set.

    I'm on GH2, so hopefully this all is correct for your GF2.

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks Matt! Yes you are absolutely correct, that was a huge help. Turns out my GF2 is hacked, bitrate is a lot higher, there are far more images available etc.

    My GF2 has accepted the hack but it does not display it anywhere, it just says the firmware is 1.1. Matts post below describes how Streamparser can analyze and determine whether the bitrate is drastically improved. Im embarrassed that I kept referring to [Setup > Version Disp.] looking for [Body Firmware Ver 1.2] and didn't look at simple changes like the amount of new languages that were available!

    Cheers again

  • Hi... @Vitaliy_Kiselev and @rails - I have got the GF2 now and I have the firmware 1.12 using the ptools.. I have done the transfer but it does say at 1.1 - so does this accurate or need to make a different change? Thanks

  • @redartguy your GF2 is already hacked. The camera will still say the actual firmware version that you hacked. There is nothing to do with "version up" in PTOOLS menu. You could check your video bitrate stream using the streamparser.

  • Thanks.. will check this.