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Sanyo soon will be history
  • Sanyo Electric Co may cease to exist under a reorganization by Panasonic Corp that includes global jobs cuts, Nikkei reported on Friday.

    Panasonic will cut 90 percent of Sanyo's global workforce of about 2,500 in around three years, the daily reported.

    About 1,000 workers at Sanyo's headquarters will be reduced to around 100 this fiscal year, leaving just a skeleton crew for handling legal matters, managing intellectual property and other tasks. Panasonic may decide to absorb the unit entirely, the Nikkei said


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  • Nooo! Sanyo is like Mugen to me. The two companies I trust to give me decent batteries. Sanyo with AA/AAA/.. and Mugen for devices like laptops.

  • Yes - I now use Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables and they are amazing. The capacity is pretty OK but what really sets them apart is the way you can leave them for months and they will still work perfectly and not lose charge. So for that reason while they might not have the capacity of some others, they score in actually being much, much more usable. I thoroughly recommend them - I got mine in the UK through - and I hope if Sanyo disappears, this particular battery will be kept in production.

  • I have a Sanyo HD1010 in my collection. Haven't used it for years -it was ruined by a 2-3 second gap during spanning 4GB files. Lens was fine for 1080p, and the camera shot some important footage in its time. But Sanyo were never competitive once high-end P&S cameras like the LX3 came along.

    For that matter, I still have the (non-HD) Sanyo VPC-C6. Boy, that was a workhorse, in its day...

    And Eneloops are the only batteries which never leak. That is why I use them. Never has an Eneloop leaked into any of my equipment..

    It will be a sad day when Chinese "Sanyo" knockoffs fill the shelves -- alongside the "Polaroid" cameras...

  • @trevmar I didn't know that about not leaking - but people, if you need rechargeables, seriously, buy Eneloops!!