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  • Microsoft has said that a fee will be charged for any game disc to be tied to a second Xbox Live account after its initial installation.

    Want to play game with your friend on his XBox? No luck. You are just renting right to play the game :-)

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  • Video games are a big waste of time.

    One could wishfully hope that this would cut down on the number of gamers.

  • Video games are a big waste of time.

    Yep, agree :-) But good games also happen. rare now, but sometimes.

  • Wow. What's next, having to pay rental fees every time you want to move a photo from an SD card to your hard drive?

    I ditched console gaming ever since Steam. Now I never pay more than $5-10 bucks for a game-- and I just patiently wait for them to go one sale. I'm in no rush.

  • It also mean that if some script will see your Live account activity as suspicious it'll block it forether and XBOX will turn into one big box that can't do anything from now on.

  • Video games are a big waste of time.

    Just like films, right?