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Italy: back to 1970s
  • Fresh data showed industrial production in March fell 7.6pc from a year earlier, dropping for the 15th consecutive month. New orders fell 10pc.

    Country’s industrial output fell back to levels reached in 1979 and continue to fall.

    The EU expects Italy’s economy to contract by 1.3pc this year, pushing the debt ratio to 131pc of GDP. Many private forecasters fear far worse


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  • certo che i giornali sparano tante non mi preoccuperei per la produzione in Italia, dovranno essere gli altri stati Europei a mantenerci...visto che ci hanno voluto come partner Europei!!!

  • At least you had the decency to write this idiocy in italian, hopefully few here can read it. I am afraid that at the very end what you get is what you give, and for Italy this is the result, thanks to people like you.

  • @maxmizer

    It is english speaking forum.


    Do not go personal.

  • ...meanwhile for the Italian political the party continues...

  • @Vitaliy

    France is slowly approaching Italy in dark waters, It looks like only Germany can be strong to go on. Let's see what happens, it's difficult to forecast a scenario, since there are many different, based if we go bankrupt together or singular, when a big country will go into default. For the global economy we are too big to fail, if it will happen, it could be a domino effect.

  • 1) I do not agree that on a forum of photography we are talking about Italy, because who is not Italian and lives in Italy can not understand, I know, and I wrote it in Italian because he understood very Well.

    2) the article mentioned is wrong, because everyone knows that there are 2,400,000 unemployed in Italy, but there are about 6,500,000 Romanians, Moldovans, Chinese, Africans exporting non-resident foreign currency (non-integrating), more all Italians working illegally and not emerge from the data.

    3) Is incorrect because the index is not significant for Italy, because Italy has always had a few large companies, all the rest is done by artisans, merchants, and small industries, usually with 3-4 employees.

    If anything, should we get angry Italians with those of our countrymen, From the Dalla Valle, Morchionne, Tronchetti, and others very long list, that close the factories in Italy to open in china or where it costs less ...

    @Giovassi you have not understood anything from life, angry with those who are in Rome.

    @Kihlian yes. the very very problem in Italy.

  • Italy is also not happy with the euro - was predictable, but our leaders knew everything better. If Italy and Spain fall, then the euro also end. Why do you hold so convulsively at this wrong decision by the euro, the secret of permanent politicians - Italy should withdraw and insert the lira again

  • @Jean71 - the best would be to abolish the euro quickly. If we wait until the euro-bomb explodes, it is violently

  • @Butt

    If we abolish the euro, we need to recover the power (with Banca d'Italia) to print money. If we recover the old "scala mobile", maybe we will have more options to operate into national economy. But this process should need to be surgical, and made by a skilled government, that unfortunally we don't have since many years.

  • @Butt

    Simple solutions won't work. As current issues are global and tightly connected to concurrency, resources and energy.

  • @maximizer

    all that poor foreigners you mentioned didn't cause 1400 billion debt that was there already 2008 (oops....then still with very few north africans)

    Seek for guilt by a nameless person which is ruining Italy since nearly 20 years. The economy, culture, education, health care system and.... sence for morality is in free fall. Let him just few more years and italian people will be emigrating to Africa, Romania or China.