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Table of the Hacks
  • I was heavily involved in testing and created my own personal custom settings for the GH1. I had the camera before it was ever hacked and was really happy to be able to boost its performance. At that time I had lots of extra time to keep up to date with all the patches and to an extent, knew what each patch did.

    I was late to the GH2 game (as I really was fine with my GH1 other than the terrible green banding in low light that my camera produced. Honestly, it was one of the worst I've seen of any examples) and my job in the last couple years has been more projects and less time to dink around (I'm not complaining). So I've messed around with Flowmotion, and Sanity, not as much with Driftwood as I don't have 95 MB/s cards and don't have the time. But there are so many hacks, variations of Driftwood hacks especially, that I'd like to try out, but even being an "experienced" GH hacker, there are so many out there I have a hard time wrapping my head around what they do, or claim to do and what the new settings are.

    Really, it's been this way for anyone coming into the GH hacking world from the beginning with the GH1. Tons of information spread across tons of forums and topics.

    So, my question is: Is there anywhere that has a simple table with a lot of the major settings and some information on what their claims, bitrates and GOPs are? Something like the attachment below (this data is probably NOT AT ALL accurate, I'm doing it as an example). If there isn't one, doesn't anyone else think that this would be extremely helpful, especially for someone who isn't on the forums every couple of days keeping updated on the latest and greatest patch? I could have done this for the GH1, but I'm not qualified (as I stated above) to do this for the GH2.

    Is there someone willing to put together a rough list? Maybe a wiki page somewhere so others can add details to each?

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  • After digging around for a couple of HOURS, I found this, however, it says it's inaccurate and incomplete, but it's a start, and exactly what's needed IMO.