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Italy: Ineffective business closings improve ecology
  • Each day 134 shops, restaurants and bars close in recession-hit Italy, retail association Confesercenti said on Wednesday. Confesercenti, which represents small and medium-sized businesses in the retail and tourism sectors, said 224,000 enterprises had closed their shutters since the start of the global economic crisis in 2008.

    "It's a massacre," said Confesercenti President Marco Venturi.

    "Every day five green grocers, four butchers, 42 clothes shops, 43 restaurants and 40 bars and catering business close down".


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  • And it also makes life harder for small video-advertising businesses...

  • and? why? the shitty euro, the euro-case - when finally understand the failure of the policy that the euro was the biggest mistake so far in Europe?

  • And all we 'll be left with is McDonald's and Starbucks. Great.

  • And all we 'll be left with is McDonald's and Starbucks

    yep. People deserve most innovative, cheap and healthy food.