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looking for small stabilizer for GoPro and/or RX100
  • Has anybody some experience with a small and lightweight stabilizer for a small and light weight camera like GoPro or Sony RX100? Any experience is appreciated; recommendations as well as keep your fingers off. Thanks for your time guys!

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  • We have quite a number of topics.

    Bunch of stabs are available. The bigger the stab - the smoother the ride and the harder to hold it :-)

    I suggest to check Laing P-03 ones.

  • sorry I forgot to mention that it's for private/family purpose and a small light weight will hopefully keep complaints of my wife away that I would do business things in family time. I checked all topics but I hoped to find some experiance for a small stabilizer

  • You should also mention: Do you want a steadycam-like stabilizer or a small shoulder unit (to minimize shaking)?

    Because if you want to have a very cheap shoulder stabilizer (which is also usable a small stand btw.) - check out the Cullman Cruiser. That´s my "allways with me quick and dirty" shoulder supported stabilizer for my GH2. Maybe a little bit too big for a GoPro / RX100 - That´s true. But to find something smaller which is usable / stable - hmm ...

    IF you want a steadycam-like stabilizer: I am afraid that there is nothing possible / on the market which is looking very "hobbyish" and which is usable THAT good. There are smaller units available. But by far not as stable as the bigger ones ...

  • thanks for the hint! It's a steadycam-like stabilizer what I am looking for. I read a lot of reviews of things like Opteka SteadyVid EX, Manfrotto Modosteady 585-1, MMC - Hague Mini Motion-Cam Stabilizer, SevenOak SK-W02 etc.. but I don't know what could be the best (or less worst) So any experience is welcome.

  • I've used an Opteka steadyvid pro with my GH2, but I needed to add a little extra weight to the top to get it reasonably stable. Extremely light stabilizers tend not to be the best for smoothness.

    Otherwise, you could get and modify a steadycam smoothee.

  • steadycam smoothee is a good idea - will ask the guys whether it will carry also 210gr of the Sony RX100

  • Look at Rambo's posts on the Smoothee. He modded one for the GH2 I think. FWIW, I have a smoothee. It's in the "Why did I buy that" box.

  • Thanks Peter for this hint! I found that I made a comment on Rambo's post too ;-) So my decision is clear and from my experience with Flycam Nano I won't spend time an money on cheap crap. Thanks everybody here!