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EOS to m43 to adapters with diaphragm
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  • I just received the EOS EF to NEX version of this today, if anyone has any questions. First impression was that it's well-made. Haven't attached it to a lens or the FS-100 body yet, but plan on pairing it with a Canon 35/1.4 and 85/1.8 and Tokina 11-16/2.8 on Sunday. I also have some EF-S lenses so I'll see how bad the vignette is.

  • I've used this adapter ever since I've had my GH2...

    Any EOS mount prime lens... Sigma, L-series, EF, works great. Any zoom I've used tends to vignette when stopped down past the "4" mark on the adapter. Make sure to bring plenty of ND filters when using a zoom. I've had shots become almost unusable with my Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 when the adapter is fully closed.

    But yea, build quality is solid, and the bokeh is nice... they're good adapters overall.

  • I've a Kipon version of this adapter - it works fine with most eos glass, excepting the long end of a zoom lens (say 200mm). Vignetting with the kipon seems to kick in at anything past the '3' mark on the adapter.

  • The problem with all this adapters is, that the diaphragm is in the wrong place. The iris has to be at the point where all lightrays cross - there it will only affect brightness and DoF without vigneting. I'm still waiting for a cheap adaptor with electronical iris control - it can't be that complicated to make...

    By the way, why would a APS-C lens vignett on a m43 sensor?

  • I got to shoot something with the Kipon adapter today and it's great for what it is. Well machined and it was a nice snug fit on the FS100 body.

    @ Psyco The Sony FS100 has a Super35 sensor, whereas its competitor, the AF-100, is four thirds. I was curious to see what the vignette from the adapter would look like. I posted a video of the new Conurus adapter with electronic iris control (for NEX Cameras) in another thread. The one advantage the Kipon adapter has is that you can stop it down without the steppy effect that the Conurus has, but of course, the Conurus won't vignette as quickly.

  • I'm not overwhelmed with the Kipon adapter. A little more play in it than I'm happy with when you rack focus, image wiggles a tiny bit, visible in a lockoff, plus the aforementioned vignetting issue. I'm using it with a sigma ex dg 24-70 and a 70-200. I think all of them need some sort second mounting point; out beyond the adapter on the lens would have more leverage and be the most stable.

  • Howver, it does work. Lets you use your EF lenses and adjust iris, a bit.

  • A friend of mine actually put this lens through some tests and all it does is vignett the image. Because the iris is so off the plane it appears to darken the image but all it's really doing is vignetting the image.

  • Yeah, after more use I really kind of hate the Kipon adapter. So much voignetting, it's only good for stopping down a few stops from wide open. And sloppy fit also; the whole package kept disengaging from my camera body when using a big Sigma 70-200. Anyone know anything about the Birger Engineering adapters that are "smart"?

  • As I remember, Birger never actually made anything.

  • can anyone tell me if you can use this iris adaptor with the EF-S 10-22mm? Other makes say they're not compatible. Am I better off just getting a non-iris adaptor (seems from reviews that the iris is more trouble than its worth)