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Neway CK700-HOX, 1280x800 IPS monitor with vectorscope and waveform
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev What do you think, that it's just this particular unit maybe? I wonder if they would potentially replace this one or at least try to repair it.

    I think if anyone looked over this unit, it would appear to be in perfect condition, and would require a decent amount of time to test before the issue I'm describing was produced.

  • What do you think, that it's just this particular unit maybe? I wonder if they would potentially replace this one or at least try to repair it.

    I'll talk to manufacturer, and they'll make some tests.

  • I talked to them in October about the issue, and they got back to me right away. I think they tried replicating what was happening to me but were unable to come up with a similar outcome.

    One thing I have not tried, is using HDMI. I'd have to use a converter with the BMCC, but I have the Pocket Camera, which might be worth testing it on.

  • So a couple of notes to add.

    When you zoom in, the resolution is fairly subpar at 4x and 8x, so it's not always easy to find focus there. Additionally, Neway confirmed that you can't move around your position when you're zoomed in. You're stuck at the center of the image.

  • @fotosiamo: Isn´t there a 1:1 pixel mode?
    The problem with the zoom-feature is, that it´s an interpolated / scaled image crop.
    (So it´s better to use the 1:1 mode, if you´re outputting 1080i or 1080P to the monitor. Because then you should get a direct pixel output / crop of the image-center.)

  • Yes, I've started using 1:1 pixel mode now to help for focusing. One other thing I do see is this: When I don't show HDMI camera info from my Sony a7R to the CK700, the 16:9 display covers the entire width of the screen, which makes for a very nice and big display, but when I want to show the camera info, it shrinks the actual display on the screen to about 3/4 of it. Anyway to keep it at full width with camera info without having to resort to "Full-Screen" aspect ratio, which stretches the image?

    Oh, and an interesting find. The guy from Neway told me that Liliput battery plates such as the one below works for the CK700:

    He said that "Lilliput is one of our brand. The boss is a same person."

    This is great!

  • Hmm. I don´t have an A7/r/s to check this by myself - But is it maybe the case, that the Sony body is changing the output as soon as you´re showing the camera info? For example: Without you get a full 1:1 pixel output (from the sensor / processor) - And with the overlays it´s outputting a 4:3 or an smaller image (as Sony is also selling such screens - For example the CLM-V55) - So the output fit´s that screen better.

    The problem is, that I don´t know of a feature to crop the image properly - I just had the similar 663/O/P for about two weeks (in the past). Also try to check out the options on the buttons - Just long press them - Then you can set the feature you want. Maybe there is a manual crop mode (which helps you to stretch the image a little bit). Though keep in mind - It´s AGAIN a scaling - So it´s not helping to keep the most possible sharpness and image details ^^.

  • Ahh, you're right. It looks like the Sony a7r/s displays the 16:9 + camera info on a 3:2 ratio screen, which is why there are black bars on the CK700 output, whereas a clean HDMI display only needs to take care of the 16:9 display.

  • Well, after using this on a long gig this past Saturday, I'd give the CK700 a grade of B-. It works pretty well, but shooting a flat profile on my Sony a7R (yes, still saving up for the a7S), it's hard to really get a lock on what's in focus when manually focusing. The thin red line for focus peaking isn't that easy to see and it doesn't seem to be super accurate, too, since it would show up in areas that still looks a bit soft on screen.

    I had to rely more on when moire and jagged edges comes up on screen, as well as a punching in either on screen (1 to 1 pixel works best) or on the a7R as a punched-in monitor.

    On the other hand, I just love having the waveform and false color. Both worked out great in helping me keep exposure in check.

    Also, I was able to fine-tune the colors on the CK700 to match my a7R, so at least colors seems right.

    I just wish checking focus can be done better, since it is very critical.

    960 x 1280 - 312K
  • Oh, and one odd thing I noticed that with the 16:9 aspect ratio, the CK700's crop is slightly tighter than what is actually on my a7R. It's not a big deal breaker, but I was surprised at this.

  • After having used the CK700 HOX, I have to say that regrettably, the image quality is just not good enough to pull focus. It's not crisp enough around the focus area and the focus peaking seems a bit off for some reason.

  • I have been using this monitor with a GH4 without an issue via HDMI. I bought it here from a weekend deal.

    On a shoot last night, I plugged it into a GH2 and the monitor (HDMI IN) and it just kept giving me a "No Signal" message and a blue screen.

    Others here have gotten it to work with a GH2 (@Psycho). Is there a trick to get it to work?

    I tried changing the GH2's display out: Auto, 1080i, 720, 480 and each time got "No Signal" The camera a is patched with Sanity 5.1, in NTSC mode (NTSC body), Shooting 24P in L mode) and the monitor was running off a Sony NPF770 battery. I tried 3 different, known working, HDMI cables.

    Is there anything I am missing?

  • Nevermind, it's not working with my GH4 either. I just confirmed the GH4 outputs to another monitor just fine, same cable. etc. It was just sitting for a few weeks and seems to have had something go bad inside.

  • I tried it again today under controlled circumstances and it worked again with my GH4. It would not work with either of my GH2s. I tried 4 different cables, all showing "no signal" on the monitor. I did a factory reset of the monitor… no change.

    In desperation I started recording with the GH2 still plugged in, no change.

    I then slowed the shutter speed down past 1/25th, lots of overexposure (I had highlight turned on, so the over exposed areas flash bright white) somewhere around 1/8th, the GH2 screen went black and came back on (I believe recording turned it's self off at this point - happens if the monitor battery dies, for example) and suddenly like a miracle, the Neway monitor started to show an image… I don't get it, but, somehow it started working with the GH2 and kept working with the GH4.

    I remember reading in the H056 metal monitor thread a similar story, about how a monitor wouldn't work out of the box, but a combination of events got it working.

    I am going to test this bugger everyday until I feel confident it's reliable. Very strange.

  • @fotosiamo I found the 8x zoom feature very helpful for focus. Moreso than 1:1 mode or peaking mode. Look on the last page of the manual for the "shortcut" to programming the F keys. It's one of the choices there. Opps I just saw, you have been using the feature. Yes, it shows off how soft my nikon lenses are wide open and how good they are 2 stops darker.

    You just hold down the F key for 5 seconds until the choices appear, select the one you want with the brightness know AND THEN select it by turning the Saturation knob to clockwise.

    In your photo, what monitor mount are you using? I am really missing a screw hole on the top. Hanging it upside down & inverting the images is really not a good solution, if you need to go into the menus. They are upside down in that mode.

  • @CFreak

    GH2 is known to have issues with monitors. It is due to strange algorithms that work with HDMI EDID and such.

  • @CFreak Yeah, I'm not sure if 8x zoom is really that accurate either when it comes to sharpness. 1:1 at least gets you a clear look in terms of sharpness as opposed to just blowing up the screen to 200, 400, 800%.

    In regards to the mount they are just several random pieces that I purchased from SmallRig on Amazon and fashioned together.

  • @fotosiamo @CFreak Can you recommend this monitor? Coming from the H056 5,6" Monitor and always wanted something with waveforms.

  • I actually don't like working off the CK700 now. It's just awful for reliable focusing. Waveform and False Color at least works well. But for color accuracy, focus accuracy, and exposure accuracy, there are better options.

    I've now switched to the SmallHD 702 and it is Night and Day when it comes to working with a proper, professional field monitor compared to a cheap, off-brand monitor.

  • It's just awful for reliable focusing.

    What is making it so bad? As I just know so many people using this every day. And complain I hear is about quite weak focus peaking that is worse than other monitors.

    I've now switched to the SmallHD 702

    You mean that you surprised that $1500 monitor is better? :-)

  • Yeah, it's just nit good for proper focus pulling, with or without focus peaking. For the price of the CK700, I'd rather get the Blackmagic Video Assist, since that is at least a much sharper screen.

  • Yeah, it's just terrible for proper focus pulling, with or without focus peaking.

    You used such words as awful, terrible (ones you did not use before getting 702 short time ago). Among 720p monitors is it quite good (but far from perfect, I like CL76 more if look only for panel and peaking) and the price is almost 6x cheaper.

    For the price of the CK700, I'd rather get the Blackmagic Video Assist, since that is at least a much sharper screen.

    We'll need someone to make some real life comparisons. As BM is really small. I think you did the right thing that got larger FullHD monitor.

  • Actually, among cheap 720p monitors it may do ok, but not compared to TVLogic 56w or a SmallHD DP7 or AC7, though. It's still not that great of a panel, and I just haven't mentioned how crappy it is since I rarely use it once I got into more studio-style ACing work where I have access to better monitors.

    And this is all before I got the SmallHD702, which is obviously light-years better not only because of the 1080P, but because of its superior panel.

    Still don't like it and if I were to do it again, I'd rather save up and buy a used TVLogic 56W instead.