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Xume Magnetic Filter Mounting System
  • Just seen this site at dslrshooter... Looks a really neat idea in practice. Not looked at the pricing yet though.

    So i'm guessing there's nothing that could get frustrated by the presence of a magnet in a lens? What about the silentwave style focus mechanisms?
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  • Just checked out the price, and ouch... still a great idea, but i'm not going to rush out and buy one for every lens and every filter at those prices, hopefully they'll be able to get their prices down sometime.
  • This might be a good alternative to a matte box with 4x4 filters where a matte box and a counter balance would add roughly extra 10 lbs.

    Xume pro kit (4 adapters + 5 holders) around $160

    Heliopan 77mm Vari ND filter: $300

    77mm rubber hood: $3.50

    A bunch of step-up rings: $20

    3 * Canon 77mm lens caps: $6 (Canon lens caps are the cheapest)

    Just an idea. I have neither Xume or Heliopan.

  • Interesting. But is it 77mm only?

  • Yes. They plan to support 49, 58, 67, 72 and 82mm.

  • Be sure to read their FAQ page before placing an order.