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Should I install newer firmware before hack?
  • I bought my camera in December of 2010 and have the original firmware on it still, body firmware v 1.0, and lens firmware 1.1. Do i need to install the newer firmware first, and then the hack? Or can I just do it from where I am with the original firmware?

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  • @zm15 you should upgrade the camera firmware, from my understanding the hacks are based off of a newer release of firmware (correct me if I'm wrong here, anyone).


    You'll find the answer :-) Or use search function.

  • I have indeed searched the forum and the FAQ. I do understand that the hack is indeed replacing the firmware on the camera, it's a custom firmware, I understand. But I'm not sure if I should be starting from the newer panasonic firmware.

  • OK, PTool just patch existing firmware. So all you need is download latest camera firmware and use it. No need to upgrade it ahead of the patching.

  • Fantastic! Thanks much for the confirmation @Vitaliy_Kiselev :) Appreciate the help, and all you've done.

  • And I learned something new too (that I need to read the FAQs more carefully)!