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Panasonic G80 / G85 / G8 4K 5-axis stab magnesium monster
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    Whoa that image was startling! I recognise that as being bridge/carpark just around the corner from my place. Looked up his site, yup, he is an Aucklander too!

  • good news

  • @smoke23 I would wait a bit till the price drops and the reviews are all in. It looks like a really good camera. It may be the IQ is a tiny bit better, it may be there is not difference, and it actually may be that the IQ is a tiny bit worse.
    The G7 is a bit lighter, and has no IS.
    The new model has some weather sealing.

  • Is it worth upgrading from a G7 if you have a NTSC with the unlimited recording?

  • UK Panasonic promotion - get free battery grip for preorder


    800 x 159 - 32K
  • Dynamic range will be decent with CineD, but don't expect miracles.

  • How can we know that? No info at all on this matter from Panasonic.

  • Can't wait to buy this camera. I do not see a lot that would make me choose the GH5 over this one. As for the headphone jack, it doesn't bother me since I'm used to external zoom for serious shooting sessions. Do you think though that the dynamic range would be better on the GH5?

  • Weight, I see it's 505 gram, which I think is the body only. How much does the 12-60 lens weigh?

    I just found it: 210 gram.

  • @Grimor

    I added sample and except.

    For me it looks like half baked thing, just some photos and fast ISO etc tests.

  • Another review


    Despite the fact that the DMC-G80 has four fewer megapixels than the range-topping GX8, the removal of the optical low pass filter and the improvement to the optical image stabilization system makes it difficult to judge between the two cameras as to which in fact has the better image quality - it’s pretty much too close to call.

    800 x 598 - 62K
  • How 16Mp sensor compares to latest 20Mp one by Sony?

  • Does it (Japan) have English menu?

  • @o2warp

    Panasonic always had separate version for Japan, it is not Asian version.

  • @yskunto No. Japan is NTSC Area. There is no limit recording and No PAL/NTSC Option like G85.

  • I think the G8 Asia version will offer all PAL/NTSC video fps options. I hope Panasonic will be very generous by allowing unlimited video time recording of this model. Would they?

  • NTSC models dont have time limit but you cannot switch to PAL.

  • From the menu walk through in the posted video, it's seems that G85 have all PAL/NTSC video fps option! It is a buy for me. I wonder if non Europe model retains unlimited video time recording. Anyone have this info?

  • @geddyt You will hear a lot about how the 16mp sensor is just as good as the 20mp sensor and so on; obviously, I like Panasonics and there are eight of them in the house, but although I consider the stills part of the camera workable, and it's gotten better with each model, the Olympus is better. For the last four years, its Olympus for stills, Panny for video. The Olly has this amazing feature where you get the equivalent of a 42mp sensor--that's awesome.
    In low light, these cameras just aren't like the ones with larger sensors, but the gap has narrowed. The Sony's, particularly the A7* type, are just amazing. And make no mistake, they take amazing video, and in any kind of light.
    So why do I use Panasonics for video? well, we also use Sony, but the Panasonics are cheap and the don't overheat on long events where we film for eight hours in a row. Otherwise, we would be using all Sony at this point.

    Is the old story about Olly being better than Panasonic for stills? I think so, but the Elephant in the room is the new Olly camera. They are promising better everything.
    Lastly, there's no point in getting a GH4, the G7 has better video, the GX85 has better video and better stills. The new G85 looks like the best of the two of these.

  • Thanks for the reply, DrDave. I agree that the stills are getting better across the board. My wife is already doing amazing work with the small sensor cam. Where she suffers, though, is in her inability to do nearly any indoor work, so I'm looking for a little help at higher ISO from a new body.

    The new Olympus is intriguing, but comparative specs suggest that there would be no reason to pay twice as much to pick it up over a G85. Seems to be the exact same LSI, sensor, IBIS system?

    We're pretty invested in MFT at this point. In spite of this, I went to Kenmore Camera and tried the A7RII after it came out. After 15 minutes I swore off Sony cameras, finding myself unable to figure out how to do pretty much anything with it. Controls are terrible, and menu system is a maze. Seemed like we'd miss half our shots just getting the damned thing setup to shoot. Large sensor DSLRs would present a similar problem: We're both live view, WYSIWYG shooters, and I feel like the handling of the Panny GH series is too intuitive and ingrained to depart from. Give me A6300 internals crammed into a Panasonic body and with an EF mount, and we'd both be in heaven. Alas...

    In the meantime, just feeling out for advice on whether any of the new MFT bodies are worth the cost to upgrade from GH4, and if any differentiate themselves enough to be the one to go to. Difficult without official GH5 specs, but thought I'd ask anyway in light of what a bargain this G85 seems to be.