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AMD Threadripper 2nd Gen 32 Core CPUs
  • First Cinebench results coming (here it is overclocked 4.1Ghz one)



    • Threadripper 2 will have two models - 2990X and 2970X
    • 12nm Zen+ architecture
    • 64Mb cache
    • 2990X will have 32 cores/ 64 threads
    • 2970X will have 28 cores/ 48 threads
    • Nominal frequency will be 3.0Ghz
    • Turbo boost frequency will be 3,4-4.2Ghz
    • 4 channel memory
    • 60+4 PCI-E lines
    • 250W TDP
    • R4/X399 platform
    • Available since August 2018
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  • Here it comes. Real multiple Core workloads for the mases.

    Ai. welcome home.

    Bye humans.

  • Motherboard


    745 x 756 - 169K
  • image



    747 x 396 - 56K
    748 x 396 - 53K
    747 x 389 - 65K
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X 16 core CPU is $664 now

    Superb deal for editors.

  • AMD has changed its mind about making X399 compatible with the new generation. For this reason, HEDT disappeared from all calendars and the release of these processors was forced to postpone.

    Since the new processor has a new memory controller and he in a single copy (instead of two as before) had to seriously change the pins. Also, the new PCI Gen 4 standard and new power pins made a special contribution. TRX40 and TRX80 are a new generation and a new architecture. Nothing to do with the past generation.

    It is total bullshit, btw. Pins in CPU socket has nothing to do with internal controller implementation, as they go into DDR4 slots and these are exactly the same.

    Same goes for PCIe 4.0, as all Rizen 2 consumer CPUs work perfectly in old boards. Power pins thing is also little strange as TR4 socket has pins enough for 300-400 watt CPUs already (can check 2990W extreme overclocked consumption).

    Note that same generation EPYC processors that require even more power (and are using same socket, but slightly rewired to prevent usage of server CPUs in HEDT and vice versa) are perfectly compatible with old boards (as datacenter owners pressed AMD on this).

    Notice how AMD now behaves like Intel did? Just give it slightly more time and it'll be 100% match. This is that greed and wish for bigger profits are doing to people.