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Zhiyun Crane M2 Gimbal
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    782 x 784 - 48K
    786 x 726 - 48K
    740 x 658 - 50K
  • Will the monitor on lumix go off after 30sec when controled via wifi?

  • Tutorial

  • If they just put a little bigger motors (to handle like 1 kg), I would buy one instantly.

    I have the 1st Crane-M, which have a 650g payload. It worked well even when pushed to the limit (GX85 + Rokinon 12mm = 681g), but balancing in the limit was tricky. This one have a 720g payload, which is better, but a bit more margin would be great.

  • Sony RX0 ii + Anamorphic adapter on the Crane M2

  • Just remembered that Feiyu have the G6 Plus, with a slightly higher payload (800g), have the wifi camera integration too (albeit with very few information - looks like works ok with Panasonics, but not with Sony), and even a function knob that could be used as follow focus (with Panasonics), for US$ 269,00 (same price).

    A comparison test between these two would be very interesting (saw a video with a japanese guy using the G6 Plus with an E-M1 MKII with the 12-40 Pro, a combination very above the payload).

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